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Thursday, December 30, 2010



OH - 2010 FAA 8130

$        9,000.00




OH - 2001  FAA 8130

$      14,000.00




OH - 2010 FAA 8130

$        9,500.00




SV - 2009 EASA 1

$        2,500.00





$        8,500.00





$        6,500.00



Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Part Number                                           Description                  Condition          OTY              Tag Date       Tagged By                            Suggested Price

327400-9001                       PACK, CTRL, INBOARD ELEV           AR                    1                                                                                   $140,000.00


779100-10                           FUEL CONTROL                               SV                     1                  7/19/08     Hamilton Sundstrand             $44,000.00


791100-4-094                      ELEC ENG CONTROL                       SV                     1                  11/18/05   Hamilton Sundstrand             $50,000.00


796880-5-005                     CONTROLLER, PACK TEMP             SV                     1                  8/07/09     Hamilton Sundstrand             $43,500.00


797147-5-002                      UNIT,  AIR SPPLY, CTRL & TEST      AR                    1                                                                                    $69,500.00


7013348-952                       DAU                                                SV                     1                  7/17/07      Honeywell                             MAKE OFFER


310N3020-16                      MOUNT AY                                     SV                     1                  2/05/08      Aerovias de Mexico              $25,000.00


304817-2                             CONTROL                                       SV                     1                  3/11/08      Diehl Avionics                       $24,500.00


1167014-144                       UNIT, AUDIO, MNGMNT                SV                     1                  9/4/09        Ensambladores Elects.         $27,500.00


822-1152-121                      GLOBAL NAV LANDING ILS/GPS     AR                    2                                                                                  $15,000.00


10078-0101                         INDICATOR,FUEL SELECTOR          SV                     1                  2/25/10     Aviation Instr.                       $12,000.00


606802-2                             BLOWER, VACUUM                       OH                    1                   12/17/10   AMERICAN COOLER             $15,900.00


HG480B30                          A.D.C                                               OH                    1                    1/22/07    Skyteam Int'l                        $900.00




Monday, December 27, 2010


2432-11                CONTROL            SV 5/09 121         1              $4,500

622-8588-105     INTEGRATED DISPLAY UNIT        SV 12/10 129      1              $49,500

B03AA1031         VALVE   SV           1              $3,000

S800-2000-00     FLT DATA RECORDER      OH 12/10             1              $7,500

396462-1              VALVE   SV 10/10 129      1              $10,500

066-01127-1602 TRANSPONDER SV 10/10              1              $9,000

158300-101         ACTUATOR AUTO PILOT                OH 4/10                1              $5,250

763810-2              CABIN PRESSURE CTRL   SV 10/10              1              $2,500

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Part Number      Description         Condition            Quantity              Tag Date              Tagged By           Price

314N3010-25A   INLET COWLING AY         SV           1              12/9/2008            Z6AR209Y ATC   $  166,000.00

332700-1011       MODULE, UPR, RUDDER CTRL     SV           1              10/8/2009            AU4R063M Parker Hannifin Corporation                $  190,000.00

622-8589-104     INTERFACE, UNIT, EFIS/EICAS     SV           1              8/27/2009            RE3R812L Rockwell Collins            $    76,500.00

622-8589-105     INTERFACE, UNIT, EICAS/EFIS     SV           1              7/28/2009            RE3R812L Rockwell Collins            $    76,500.00

747194B               GENERATOR, INTEGRATED DRIVE             SV           1              7/31/2009            VGHR393L High Standard              $  130,000.00

UL26755               GEARBOX, ASSY, DEDICATED GEN            AR          1                                              $    115,000.00

161T2000-21       MLG SIDE STRUT ASSY   NS          1              3/26/2003            US Airways         $    80,000.00

314N3310-31      NOZZLE ASSY     SV           1              11/30/2007         Heico     $    80,000.00

65B82315-3         CASE DRAIN MODULE    NS          1                                              $    75,000.00

5000728-104       VALVE, START OPER BLEED          SV           1              6/5/2006              USAA105A US Airways   $    70,000.00

Monday, December 20, 2010








SV 11/10





OH 11/10





OH 12/10 129










SV 12/10





OH 11/10 129










OH 12/10 129





OH 9/10





SV 8/10




Thursday, December 16, 2010

Part Number      Description         Condition            Tag Info                Price

0851HV Probe    NS          9-08 OEM 8130  $5,000

1721F4  Sensor  SV           11-10 OEM dual rel.         $11,750

2651-278-13        Valve     OH          9-10 dual rel.      $7,350

29680    Fan         OH          4-10 dual rel.      $7,500

314N3010-25A   Inlet Cowl            SV           12-08 dual rel.    $125,000

320995-4              Valve     OH          11-09 OEM dual rel.         $9,900

36045182A13      FDAU    SV           11-07 OEM dual rel.         $15,500

3860060-102       Actuator              OH          10-10 dual rel.    $26,500

3860061-102       Actuator              OH          11-10 OEM dual rel.         $26,500

606802-2              Blower  OH          11-10 dual rel.    $17,000

622-4717-004     MCP      SV           10-10 dual rel.    $10,000

622-5002-203     RMI        SV           10-10 dual rel.    $18,000

622-8591-100     Display  SV           10-10 dual rel.    $7,500

66950    Valve     SV           7-10 dual rel.      $6,000

68160-3                Module                OH          12-10 dual rel.    $25,000

732-13870-09     Actuator              SV           8-09 OEM dual rel.           $12,000

7517900-10004  Computer           AR          129 trace              $6,500

774469-4              ACM      OH          10-10 dual rel.    Offer

7900138-002       Blower  OH          12-10 dual rel.    $17,500

790424-4              Valve     OH          6-06 dual rel.      Offer

899-0850-004     RMP      SV           2-10 dual rel.      $6,550

937E205G3          Computer           SV           1-10 dual rel.      $16,850

948E503G2          Computer           SV           6-07 OEM dual rel.           $21,750

965-0976-003-206-206    GPWS   SV           5-10 OEM dual rel.           $6,900

965-1676-001     EGPWS AR          145 trace              $6,900ea

980-6020-001     CVR        SV           2-10 dual rel.      $6,200

ESC103-04E4       ESCU     SV           9-10 OEM dual rel.           $42,900

LK35-2   Indicator              SV           11-09 dual rel.    $5,000

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

PART  NUMBER                 DESCRIPTION     CONDITON        QTY       PRICE

754C0000-01       EXCHANGER-HEAT          OH 8/10 129        1              $8,800

3505582-45         STARTER              FRESH OH            1              $42,500

4040800-908       COMPUTER        SV 129   1              OFFER

6013K0001-01    ACTUATOR         OH 10/10 129     1              $32,500

799801-4              VALVE   SV 9/09 129         1              $32,500

2117342-20         CONTROL            SV 8/10 129         1              $24,000

68160-3                MODULE              OH 129  1              $24,500

520854  CONTROL UNIT SV 129   1              $8,800

102-003-11          GENERATOR       SV 9/08                 1              $14,800

Thursday, December 9, 2010

P/N        ALT P/N                DESCRIPTION

p0723e105p                        LIFE BEST

1743645-02         KD651510            FILTER KIT

CH31723               CH31824               IGNITER PLUG 

7587923AM        3112895-01         filter 

3888210-1            CH31723               PLUG

CH31723                               PLUG

AE13083-5           13083-5                CHIP DET CARTRIDGE

5043-14                                VALVE-RELIEF

CH31964               JS100A1                IGNITER PLUG 

726014-003                         conector

7593446-420       65-90305-14A     FILTER KIT

25-1835-23                          Lens

27700-2                3031971                NOZZLE

23077068                             nozzle

GE4571                 LAMP

MS24171-D1       MS24171D1        RELAY

5012834                                DRIVE KEY

1C27-10                                CARTRIDGE

PRP568-340                        PACKING

27700-2                                NOZZLE

23079054                             SEAL

102-00000                            THERMOCOUPLE

HG280D80                           DIGITAL AIR DATA COMPUTER (DADC)

6900053-3                            POWER SUPPLY

3L0-453/3            3L0-453-3             SWITCH

772-5025-008     7B6644  INDICATOR, HORIZ SIT

LUN3503.20        805-P3  NAV RECEIVER

115-524065-9                     CABLE ASSY

5008120                24-5008120         PLUG

D56822                 BUSHING

620-200                95639-002            SEAL, RIB LEFT

9542847                                SEAL

7578659AM                        FILTER

37-17     610-2364              BALLAST CONVERTER

11-11084              3035681                FILTER

3022375                                SEAL

10-900-92                            DISCHARGER

LUN1469-11-8                    EMERGENCY RADIO BEACON

9520997                                RING RETAINER

MS9386-158                       PACKING

3112895-01         WF334638           FILTER ELEMENT

G-3215                  ATC PANEL

93-A152-70         93A152-70           CONTROL UNIT

93A152-70           93-A152-70         CONTROL UNIT

6603-03                101-389005-3ECH             TORQUE PRESS TRANSMITER

TSG420-102                        STATIC INVERTER

748         126         ATC PANEL

131823E4M0280                                TUBE

AA-3731-4           AA3731-4             ADF CONTROL

649407                  ADAPTER

0900-4099-01                     ALTITUDE DIGITIZER

5529                       SOLENOID

E0217XUU001A                 RELAY

6856983C                             VALVE

2S5304  BACV10W4HOR                CHECK VALVE

3018021                                WIRE ROPE

ABN7315-501                     IND

MS21251B3L                       TURNBUCKLE

5004460                                BAFFLE

500D0052             556-723                DIMMER

D57893                 BOLT

BAN7024-509                     SWITCH

75567790750      7556-7790-750   LIGHTING

42FLW1018                         NUT


6839BPE                               LAMP

493167                  GEAR SHAFT

LUN6590.05-8    LUN6590-05-8    FUEL CONTROL

LUN6590.05-8    LUN6590-05-8    FUEL CONTROL

PI-156-4A                            PILOT INVERTER

FE202-001            cpw 3037784      CONTROL PROP BRAKE

DMNI52-1                           ANTENNA ASSY

S65-1217                              ANTENNA 

A420-066655-00                                TUBULAR SOLENOID

TR991    247         POWER UNIT

TR992    15987    POWER UNIT

622-2882-001     TCR-200                COLLINS TCR200

066-1016-01        KDF-800               ADF RECEIVER

536524                  GEAR SHAFT

D11210044-20000                             PLACARD

RK22837                               SCREW

P3A1820                               ROD AND ASSY

794339-4                              SPACER RING

D2527700955300                               PLACARD

ST130    STB0ST130           LAMP

D5725131721800                               NUT

AE65-2013-38                     SHADE

D61281                 BRAKET

65-9510-9-6                        BUSHING

03980    3980       BALLAST

3111951A-4260                  PROPELLER BRAKE COVER

LUN3561-8                          SWITCH

1103-20                                ROD END

ASNA2151-02                     ACTUATOR

G1-1-1  975-0002-001     THERMAL SWITCH

5006962                                PISTON

B30L410-28                         SCREW

899981-1                              ATTOMIZER FUEL

899981-1                              ATTOMIZER FUEL

MS24586C207                    SPRING

2CM9ABH7                         GENERATOR TACH

98S36003001200                               PLATE BLANCKING

819052  IC819052/819051              SEAL GARLOCK

71292-1612                         NUT

3118828-01                         P3 LINE SUPPORT T BRAKET

S5751007620000                               CAM-GUIDE

P144-395              91816    DRAIN VALVE ASSY

S5247222900200                               DOOR

DSC177-5-100F                  HANDLE ASSY

817389-1                              SEAL BLADE

500470-1                              CONTROL ASSY

5012762                                PLATE DATA WARNING

12147AGKX59                    SWITCH

4924748-1                            RIDER

5741100-203                       PIN LH

S291861620000                  LABEL

21061714                             SONDE PITOT

A3-50                    LIGHT SWITCH

ABS0341-2-01                    VALVE DRAIN ASSY

3111978-01                         TORQUE MONITOR SENSOR

S5701012320200                               SLEEVE

2594466-906                       AIR SPEED INDICATOR

50086-003                            CIRCUIT BREAKER

914F567-4                            RELAY

366-006-001                        LOAD SELECTOR DISPLAY UNIT

2588302-5                            GYRO

3A063-0507                         COMPRESION SPRING COLUM

644111                  REVERSE ACTUATING LEVER

131823E4M0600                                TUBE

60-0304-51                          POWER SUPPLY

9300-343                              VIBRATION MOUNT

644110                  REVERSE ACTUATING LEVER

63240                    ACTUATOR

S5751052020001                               BRACKET

S5227630022600               S52276300-22600              SEAL

BAN7024-509     90B-024511-01   HEAT EXCHANGER

D5211001320000                               BOLT

D5211001220000                               BOLT

D5754052220100                               SEAL

D5755017500100                               PAD

D5755017500000                               PAD

LT-52A                  LIGHT DIMER SUPPLY

CYLZ5346             5346       BOX, CONTROL

CYLZ5346             5346       BOX, CONTROL

4TP1-1  8417       SWITCH /L191

29-406-100                          LOCALISATION SARSAT ANTENA

3344                       BALLAST

194110-1              193632-2              HEAT EXCHANGER

1327-85                                ANTENA

D5288020600200                               SEAL-TIP LH

968                         RESISTOR

D5754601123500                               SEAL

D5754053020600                               SEAL

D5281003721800                               SEAL

D1121003520400                               LABEL-PLACARD

D5453006300000                               PLATE ASSY-MOUNTING

D5358505020200                               SECTION-SEALING

D5335003300000                               SEAL

240000003           2400000-03         CONDENSATOR

D4988502200000                               NOZZLE

D5248538820000                               RING-SEALING,FLANGED

531140A01          53-1140A01         MLG ACTUATOR KIT/ MOD KIT

0108136-13                         HARNESS ASSY

SACV11603-010                 SEAT T0ILET

D5281000720100                               SEAL RH

6899081                                LINNER ASSY, COMBUSTION  449.6 HOURS

23030911                             COMBUSTION CHAMBER  449.6 HOURS

521112A01R03                   MOD KIT

D5211053100100                               SLIDE

D5211053100000                               SLIDE

ACS300-5                             ROD-PISTON

VX28-AL-001                      ADAPTER LEAD

281078A01                          KIT

260000017           2600000-17         AFT EVAPORATOR

98S27005001000               9604A    DIGITAL PROTRACTOR PRO3600


98S55105000000                               ESTRACTOR

2904F    412442  GAGE DIAL DEPTH

98D2750404000                 TOOL RESTRAINING TKI

PWC56528                           DRIFT, SEAL CARRIER

PWC54254C                        PULLER

071-0030-00        KDL569 DATA LOADER KDL569

206-010-795-105                               PITCH LINK ASSY

206-010-793-101                               PITCH LINK ASSY

206-031-509-1                    PIN ASSI DRAG

83A851BC3          J551       BEARING

206-064-107-103                               LEG ASSY

206-052-104-1                    TOWING EYE

4CVG417-E                          VALVE CHAK, LUBE OIL

206-010-336-5                    BAKE

206-061-818-1                    SCOOPE

206-010-759-003                               NUT BRG

206-075-303-1    50-0030-1            LIGHT, LAMP

206-011-111-1    206-011-111-001               BEARING

206-010-765-1                    BEARING

206-340-101-101                               MAST SEAL

206-340-204-101                               SEAL

3017075                                RETAINER

173522-11            5173522-11N      WINGLET

213915-18                            CLARE SHIELD

223021-3                              VORTEX GENERATOR

213915-17                            CLARE SHIELD

313765-503         AS313765-503    STATIC PORT COVER

5002896                                BACK PLATE DISC

805278                  SENSING ELEMENT

X702-89                AVF2R35-27D815              AXIVANE FAN

653554  653502-1              OIL PUMP ASSY

7923799-1C         D1775-1                MOTOR TRIM

6042H152                             RELAY

GYLC6559                            ACTUATOR ELECTROMEC

403003-57                            PANEL

403003-58                            PANEL

617-9500-099     600-1990-048     ELECTRONIC ASSY WESTWIND1124

223021-4                              VORTEX GENERATOR

283014-504                         HINGE

823654-41                            TUBE

2587781-901                       AUTO THROTLE SERVO

71599    50-389041-7        FUEL PUMP

DYLZ6344                             VALVE, AIR, ACTUATOR DRIVEN ASSY

3915878-5001                     MANIFOLD VALVE

90-10072-1                          SNUBBER

147425-3                              VALVE


7958522-501                       DIFFERENTIAL PRESSURE SWITCH

ST-509A                ST509A TRANSMITTER PRESS

320115                  VALVE

622-1270-001     TDR90   ATC TRANSPONDER

4038930-901                       HORIZONTAL SITUATION INDICATOR

XW21090                             ELECTRIC MOTOR

103068-7-1                          VALVE SAFETY

103068-8-1                          VALVE SAFETY

M4120B-3AA-3                  PRESS SWITCH

3602310-32-1                     F.C.U

508-10200-610   90-3099-1P          LANDING GEAR MOTOR

3501745-1                            CARRIER

20081-000            AN4116R1A        STARTER

2651-329-6                          DRAIN VALVE ASSY

2651-329-6                          DRAIN VALVE ASSY

2651-329-6                          DRAIN VALVE ASSY

66-8324-2                            FILTER ASSY

E0324-01                              SWITCH

3491106-12-222                 SEAT BELT

E027CN3FP085                  SW PUSH BUTTON

E0276CN3FE       120VK01N0GB315            BODY P/B SWICH

S212101052000                  PIPE

S2561009500000                               CLAMP ASSY

D57701                 SHIM

S520058A02-00                  KIT MOD 8064

S2541511320000                               BRAKET FAUCET SUPP ASSY

51315-124                            HARNESS

S2528918320401                               CLIP

S9221030922600                               PLACARD

3-1357-1               101-8001-47        WHEEL

10-1296                300-487                HALF WHEEL INBOARD

PW06B18-32S                    PLUG

10-1267                101-8001-45        HALF WHEEL  OUTBOARD

140-150                                WHEEL

140-150                                WHEEL

451-822                WTC2145-1         ACTUATOR

SD-505  250000003           COMPRESOR

250000003           SD-505  COMPRESOR

C301002-0108    C-301002-0108   ACTUATOR

C301002-0108    C-301002-0108   ACTUATOR

42C42641-1         206-076-031-017               SERVO ACTUATOR

QA03995                              FILTER ELEMENT

S2728117500200                               JOINT ASSY

C54001-209                         SCRAPER

S270094A01-00  S270094A01        KIT MOD 5339

S520058A01-01                  KIT MOD 8064

S5247142920202               S52471429-20202              HINGE

S340111                S9110158100195               KIT MOD 4727

AIR985                  SENSOR TEMP

S5397132000200               S53971320-204  FITTING

NSA937901M2204                            MODULE

9533857                                SEAL

504303-401-9006                              RESTRAINT  

ASNA2529-4                       NUT

L21215DCJ040022                             RIVET

ASNA2657K4-5                  SCREW

ASNA2657K4-3                  SCREW

CBS82N16F                         RING

CBS-8-0-N-10S                   SLEEVE

CBS62N16S                         SLEEVE

CBS62N16F                         SLEEVE

CBS102N16F                       SLEEVE

ASNA2083M2-10              ASNA2064-2-12 BOLT

NSA5358-3-5                      SCREW

ASNA2027V3-6                  BOLT

AS43003-906                      SEAL

ASNA2001V3-4                  SCREW

BACB30LU3-3                     BOLT

ASNA2026-3-3                   BOLT

S2511027320000                               COVER

S5391003421900                               STRIP-COVER

L50-50D                                LDG,CONTROL ASSY

11S11311296A                   ADHESIVE BREAKER

S9110168900195                               KIT

S340078A01-00                  KIT REP ANTENNA CABLE

S240051A01        S240051A01-00  KIT

S0001003600000                               ROD

S1121003020000                               PLACARD

S11210021200                    PLACARD

S1121002120202                               PLACARD

S1121002120204                               PLACARD

45087028P0458FC                            FOODTRAY TABLE ASSY

45087027P0458FC                            FOODTRAY TABLE ASSY

25910-6                CPW3033856D   ECOLOGIC FUEL TANK EPT300

LUN2477-02-8                    ELECTRIC AIR VALVE

695412A                               TOP RING GEAR


7003667                                GEAR PLATE

S5411038620100                               FIHING

1908100010                         BEARING, BALL 6X19X6

1908100013                         BEARING, BALL 4X12X4

1-300-232-01      1-300-232-01-C  SEAL METAL

E0276AP0P011                   SW PUSHBUTTON

SG03-0280T2L1  SG030280T2L1   AIRDEC-SG(PSA)/FOG


ATRDCSA             B3893-000           DC SYSTEM ANALIZER

NP-158824-102  NP158824102     STANDARD INNER PANEL

NP-158824-102  SPSATR42-7-2-0-2            CABIN WINDOW INNER PLY

10S56170002-200                              WINDOW PAX INNER

1305-D                  DEAD WEIGH TESTER

A7611503700000                               ROND END

GE330                   LAMP

SP818-29                              RING

MIL-22759/16-22              MIL-22759-16-22              CABLE

2253520-1                            BUSHING

115-530069-3                     PIN ASSY

951-0344-004                     TAPES

740-2049-505                     OTER PIN

3119252-01                         TERMOCUPLE

81799-8                                PIN

3067556                                LAMP

00-4132                                LABEL

90C8029-1                           SPACER L.H

805300-45                            SQUIB FIRE

4287-2                   OUTLET AIR

M472001-01       PQ1432NM         CARTRIDGE

F70060                  PITOT COVER

S9550002841295               S95500028           EMER LOC XMTR

6299258-0400                     COUPLING

OA841155            OA841155            ACTUATOR CARTRIDGE MFD 01/90

841155  61423    ACTUATOR CARTRIDGE MFD11-88

SLR414N16B                       RETAINER

808817-404                         BLOCK ASSY

319351                  SELENOID

6299257-0250                     COUPLING 2.5 INCH

9BJE178                                RESISTOR

TEL66C                  MICROPHONE

F1101/1                                THERMOCOUPLE

160-11106-800                   LOCKING DEVICE COLLAR

F1230                    THERMOCOUPLE

3112459-01                         BRACKET ASSY - EXCITER MT

61-000900-200-0               PO81298 AND D01072    TABLE ARM

F1102-1                                THERMOCOUPLE

NAS305-35-0672                               CABLE ASSY

45988                    PLUG

CCA-1650                             DRAIN VALVE

1N5364B                              DIODE ZENER

2614448                WCA579-04         SEAL

511D-3A               15344    DESCHARGER

62367-000                            CHANNEL AILERON PUSH ROAD

4032614                W20362-1            SLEEVE

NAS384-4-10P                   SCREW

BACC10T3                            CLAMP

F8103-344-001                   BUSHING

410964  B320250L             BEARING

056306-02            761417  FILTER

30-0127-9-1683                 LIGHT ASSY

S5431032000000               S54310320000800             ROD END

ST3086-013                         PACKING

NAS1097AD5-6                  RIVET, 100PCS PER LB

8320-11307                         RING SEALING

RK12981                               RING

130035095                           RING

8C150                    VALVE ASSY

8C150                    VALVE ASSY

8C150                    VALVE ASSY

3032490                                SEAL

902-7-146-70                      PACKING

P313031               332-078-0270     O´RING

500Y787                                SPRING

NAS1611-110                     PACKING

898052                  HALON EXTINGUISHER

30413-01-209                     LIGHT ASSY-NOSE

NSAS8203-163                   O RING

BACP11W113                     PACKING

NTA15250-12                     PACKING

NAS1611-007                     PACKING

L25J150                 RESISTOR

98D27207546000                               PIN RIGGING

2A063-0339         063-0339              CABLE ASSY

47-9014-01          13636-47-9014-01             INSULATOR

TAA12-998411-01                             COVER

C6EC1100-3                         COVER ASSY RH

3020665                                TUBE ASSY

69-29152-1                          DUCT ASSY

4T7925  436-392                CAP ASSY TOILET DRAIN

ASNA2138-175                  GASKET

200061662           09049Y014           DAMPER BLOCK

C6WM1519-27SP                              PLATE ENGINE

10-0439-1                            WINDOW LIGHT

900VR02F50        900VR025341AJK              SWITCH

ASN-E0278-37    E0278-37              LIGHT

ASNE0278-33     900VR02F50        PUSH BOTTON

KX5-1-16              KX5-1-169313     SWITCH

2013-1A                                BATTERY

1250860-105R                    EXHAUST

878621                  DISCHARGE HEAD

H20-33                  SWITCH

61423                    SAFETY CAP

5006962                                PISTON BRAKE

D58496-2                             LEVER ASSY

D58304                 BUSHING

4915921-502                       FITTING

D57319                 LINK

D56794                 SUPPORT

D57315                 PIN

NAS1756-24        420207-1              STREAMER CABLE

873393-01                            LUBRICATOR PNEUMATIC

10-60916-1          1-115725              CAP ASSY TOILET DRAIN

10-319647-1                        CABLE,EXCITER,LH IGNITER

HTE711-59V                        COUPLING-SELF SEALING

73949    A218-000785-00                SWITCH ASSY

SP818-41                              WIPER RING

68-848                   SEAL

AN960-1416                        WASHER

F6-24Z                   GOVERNOR ASSEMBLY

GA3-200                               GROMMETS

407-571                690-633                WASHER

105-624-2082                     SEAL

30768    30768    LUG

04-600F                600F       GEAR TUBE BENDER



NAS1097AD6-12                               RIVET - FOB COLOMBIA SOUTH AMERICA BRANCH







745-5435-501                     TERMINAL ASSY BLOCK

69-35461-2                          BOLT

QA03996                              FILTER RETURN

622-5611-011                     DISPLAY CONTROL UNIT

ASNA2151-02                     ACTUATOR

S79310006000                    TUBE- pipe

4115638-3                            PLATE ASSY

AN5-10A                              BOLT

CCA-1600                             DRAIN VALVE

AJ5-35                   FASTENER

MS20427M4-10                 RIVET SOLID

1770                       CREW AIR OUTLET

410965                  BEARING

531140A01                          MLG ACTUATOR

CGAB1400-00                     SMOKE DETECTOR

NSA8203-210                     O'RING

35-815123-10                     PIN

GTS240-3                             RING SEALING

93258-5-27                          BOLT

6299256-0400                     COUPLING 2.5 INCH

5012834                                DRIVE KEY

M601-19.4           M601-19-4          BLEED VALVE

OF25-014                             O'RING

5009491                                SPACER

047-5657-01        047-5657-1          SLEEVE BONDING

5006962                                PISTON, BRAKE...PREMOD

72733016                             LIGHT COVER

60963    MS24484-2          ADAPTER LEAD

5909073                                OIL TEMP SENSOR

G-455                    BODY

81420-1                                ASHTRAY

6526530-3            65-26530-3          LENS

369A8137-503                    CONTROL ASSY

98S36003000200                               WASHER

D56817-1                             SPACER

783955-1                              PRESSURE RATIO BLEED CONTROL

AS3209-045                         PACKING

131823E                131823E4M0600                TUBE

9535924                                SEAL

794339-4                              SHIM

S5701010720000                               WASHER

C166002-0401    72010-01              OXY PRESS

AYLF9732-1                         TEMPERATURE SENSITIVE ELEMENT

117-910021-50                   KEEPER ASSY

794339-2                              SPACER RING

S2728119221400                               SPROCKET

CPW3035681      3035681                ELEMENT

D56821                 PIN

H6-1052                                SWITCH

May-15                 COCKPIT SPEAKER

5007391                24-5007391         SEAL BEARING OUTBOARD WHEEL

PRP568-340                        PACKING

S5701012220200                               PIN

AN929-6                               CAP

14079                    WIRE ASSY

5004505                                SPACER, WHEEL HUB

206-040-015-15                 SHAFT

72-130001-01     72-13     SMOKE DETECTOR MODEL 72-13

05167-36400048-1                            DIVERTER VALVE

UA28A-14                            TRANSMISOR INERCIOL

52-0505-3                            FILTER

071-1041-01                        VOLTAGE CONVERTER

MS21916K8-4                     REDUCER

D57327                 BOLT

MS21916K8-6                     REDUCER

D56795                 SUPPORT

683478-1-1                          SWITCH

D60213                 PIN

MS20219-4                          PULLEY

SB0930159-3                       FILLER

7958537                                HOSE

93560-08              S352T010-8         APU INSULATOR

69-31657-951                     BRKT ASSY

8TJ85GBA2                          FLOWMETER TRANSMITER

52000857-1         05167-52000857-1            METERING VALVE

392454-3-1                          REGULATOR PRESSURE DIFF

655572                  GEAR & CLUTCH ASM

94830-04                              BRACKET FORWARD LEFT

FD2179                 FILTER

664398                  VALVE BODY HOUSING

65-59930-3                          CRANK MAIN SHAFT

170-174                                INSERT

65-17813-2                          ACTUATOR ASSY

8911316                81801    CARGO HOOK

D2547090003200                               SHOURD ASSY TOILET

61841    6115-305-5786   ADAPTER

392714-1-1                          REGULATING PRESSURE VALVE

5009984A             5009983A             PUMP, ROTARY, POWER DRIVEN

786392-11            JFC118-12            FUEL CONTROL UNIT

5002823                                HALF WHEEL OUT

5002823-1                            HALF WHEEL OUT

K20-6100-7                          WHEEL ASSY

ABS0305-5-5504-5            ABS0305LC/69347410; 7170071   PSW 50 - 83T- SILICONE RUBBER STRIP

4833514-1M18   2CM504D2D       STARTER

5002862                                COVER, WHEEL

9532472                                WHEEL ASUB ASSY

9560477                                HALF WHEEL

805500-12                            ENGINE EXTINGUISHER

777-1492-004                     RECEIVER, ADF

2222601-6                            FDAU

2587335-113                       VERTICAL GYRO

5002805-3                            BRAKE ASSY

5002805-3                            BRAKE ASSY

65-24695-28                        SUPPORT-DRUM (LH)

65-26639-24                        DUCT-ASSY RH ONLY

S920010A01-00                  KIT SB ATR42-92-0010 - MOD 5450

10-60495-4          398540-2-1          VALVE BUTTERFLY

2021134-2                            ACTUATOR ROTARY

581-5500-111-2 HS-500  PANEL SYSTEM PA (INTERPHONE)

59115                    MANIFOLD 

59100-5013                         RUDER CONTROL

59115                    MANIFOLD 

59100-5015         10-60503              RUDDER CONTROL PKG

5458                       ATR CARGO DECK NET

5553                       ATR CARGO DECK NET

AYG7131-5001   AYG7131-50017B              MANIFOLD ASSY

AYG7323-5509-11                             HYD VALVE ASSY

1356-603303                       ACCUMULATOR   HYD

69-14106-1                          TRANSFER CYLINDER

10-60565-4          7505639                FILTER ASSY

10-60531-1          F61B0138M2      VALVE SHUT OFF

10-60595-1          AC-7680-6           FILTER ASSY

10-60595-1          AC-7680-6           FILTER ASSY

A-0643-089A      10-60582-1          HYD MOTOR PACKAGE

A-0643-089A      10-60582-1          HYD MOTOR PACKAGE

525374                  ACTUATOR ROTARY

525374                  ACTUATOR ROTARY

65-40467-6                          LOCK ACTUTOR ASSY NLG

65-40467-6                          LOCK ACTUTOR ASSY NLG

979410-4                              VALVE SHUTOFF

979410-4                              VALVE SHUTOFF

10-60510-3          22505-07              ELECTRO PNEUMATIC FLOW CONTROL

10-60510-3          22505-07              ELECTRO PNEUMATIC FLOW CONTROL

BAC-10-60788-2                540930-2              STOP MACHANISM AILERON

BAC-10-60788-2                540930-2              STOP MACHANISM AILERON

71769404             717694-04            DC MOTOR

71769404             717694-04            DC MOTOR

3601030-5-1                        SWITCH MULTIPLE CENTRIFUGAL

3601030-5-1                        SWITCH MULTIPLE CENTRIFUGAL

72854                    VALVE BALANCED RELIEF

72854                    VALVE BALANCED RELIEF

10-60511-3          22504-7                ELECTRO PNEUMATIC FLOW CONTROL

10-60511-3          22504-7                ELECTRO PNEUMATIC FLOW CONTROL

65-17822-9                          MOUDULAR PKG ASSY

65-17822-9                          MOUDULAR PKG ASSY

024731-135                         PUMP

024731-135                         PUMP

104900A3-A2      6898509                FUEL CONTROL UNIT MODE MC40

104900A3-A2      6898509                FUEL CONTROL UNIT MODE MC40



343011-1                              WINDOW PANEL

D2547090003200                               SHOURD ASSY TOILET

65-26758-22                        LIGHT WINDOW

65-26758-22                        LIGHT WINDOW

23-1110-69                          TRACK COVER,SHORT TRACK

5004446C1A                        COVER SUB ASSY 5004417

5004446C1A                        COVER SUB ASSY 5004417

252-94                   TORQUE BAR

104-555010-75                   HOSE

66-15166-27                        DOOR ACT CABLE

GS18214-1                           TOOL HAND SCRAPER

101128  GS101128            HAND ROLLER

GS18033-1                           HAND ROLLER

H46840-100                         EXTRACTOR- TOOL

GS12759-1                           SQUEGEE

98S07000005000               VX-98S07000005000        JACK PT-SCREWDRIVER TOOL

B163                      TOOL

PWC38079                           TOOL BASE SEAL

T188                       WRENCH

B162                      TOOL

6886201                5120-00-029-8077             GUIDE

08-760B-2                            BUKING BAR

10-60485-1          2-873     BRAKE ASSY

10-60485-1          2-873     BRAKE ASSY

YV869431-01      YV869431             S.F.I.M F6158, DISPLAY MEMORY TERMINAL FOR SALE OR RENT

L812148-2-629   L812148-20629   BEARING,

6886448                                COVER ASSY

6877181-A                           HOUSINQ ASSY

CPWA30331        PWC30331           WRENCH- HANDLE

802300-14                            PROTECTIVE BREATHING EQUIPMENT

GS15580-1                           EXTRACTOR ASSY

30113                    AIR EQUIPMENT

2041222-2451                     RADAR INDICATOR

2041222-2451                     RADAR INDICATOR

2041222-2451                     RADAR INDICATOR

170-269                170-269CHG       INSERTS

AVP92C                976J254-4            AC GENERATOR CONTROL PANEL

AVP92C                976J254-4            AC GENERATOR CONTROL PANEL

622-2362-001     ADF-60 ADF RECEIVER ADF-60

1784460-655       C6E         COMPASS INDICATOR C6E

6895-D-2-X-5-5                  IMPACT SWITCH

LUN3193              3193-1   SWITCH

449-2     212-075-962-1    POWER SUPPLY

A-1148B                               RELAY

6895-D-2-X-5-5                  IMPACT SWITCH

071-1041-01                        VOLTAGE CONVERTER

705-15V1             70515V1               HORIZONT GYRO

705-15V1                             HORIZONT GYRO

4027170-904       RD-500  HORIZ SITUATION IND.RD-500

5006970                                SPRING

206-072-671-101                               BRACKET

MS9967-212                       PACKING

9269-10117                         RELAY, LIGHT DIMMER AND TEST

LUN2601-8          LUN2601-81U21                RELAY

622-1270-001     TDR-90  TRANSPONDER ATC

622-2362-001     ADF-60 ADF RECEIVER ADF-60

622-2921-001                     DME TRANSCEIVER MOD 860E-03

256-0190-020     Y-825     ELECTRON TUBE

6042H159                             RELAY

CGAB1400-00                     SMOKE DETECTOR

CGAB1400-00                     SMOKE DETECTOR

M601-19-4                          BLEED VALVE

M601-19-4                          BLEED VALVE

MS25035-1                          RELAY

5725                       ELECTRON TUBE

C107-54001                         SCRAPER

NSA5081-4                          NUT

201383629                           WASHER

3936362-501                       SKID

3936362-502                       SKID

1173T10-1                            SWTCH TEMP

17000-113                            TANK ASSEMBLY

3912757-5                            SEAL

101-524088-5                     CABLE ASSEM

101-526010-1                     ELEVATOR CABLE ASSY

10-61446-5                          DUCT-FLEXIBLE HEAT

ARB0972-1          5936134-531       RUBSTRIP

D28104000-000                  FUEL DRAIN TOOL

65-67263-63        C-263-63              NET ASSY-FWD CARGO DOOR.

65-67264-2                          CARGO NET

65-67260-21                        NET ASSY

65-67263-64        C263-64                NET ASSY

65-67260-19                        NET ASSY

65-67263-3                          NET ASSY

DV1286-1             DV1285-7             BOX GALEY


S5317217000200                               STOP ASSY DOOR

FB12B4                 CONNECTOR

2503652                                MAGNETS

L507949-20629                   BEARING

14-91373-08                        FLEXIBLE SHAFT ASSY

B560919N                            HOSE

5004406-3                            SHIELD SUB ASSY

5908954                TD082UZ078Y3  SWITCH-INDICATOR  99167COCN

3718526-1                            MOTOR

637-0003-001                     BEARING ROLL

LUN3280-8                          PRESS SWITCH

21EN107-6                           SWITCH

L610510-20629                   CONE

4916750-1                            FIXTURE

TR761-02                              STEAM VALVE

101-380051-1     P22016-35           OXY CAPILLARY LINE ASSY

10-3349-4            81590-7512         HANDLEAY

0016-0015-4                        PANEL ASSY GASPER

102-00074                            BUSHING

D57817                 CAP & BASE ASSY

D2527752104000                               CAM GUIDE

382915-061                         SAFETY COLLAR

98S27002551000                               SENSOR

E0276CN3FP091                                TRANSFORMER

410PCR-1B8        P074202427        FUEL PUMP

P074202427        M7-10061            FUEL PUMP

L610549-20629   L610549-2-629   BEARING  9M-L610549-20629

P4-01-0021          6-1020   POWER UNIT

050-014-003                        FUEL COMPENSATOR

794339-3                              SPACER RING

794339-12                            SPACER RING

E0217XUX120A                  RELAY

AC7031F8                            FILTER ELEMENT

3101364-01                         OIL SEAL CARRIER

S5741001020400                               INSERTS

382915-060                         TRANSFORMERS

M472001-01       472001-01            CARTRIDGE

1173T15-1                            THERMAL SWITCH

S5701012420000                               BOLT - SHOULDER

754-AEA-621W                  PUSH BUTTON

990-3138-000     M1090  CVR ADAPTER

3101365-02                         COVER

E0276CN3FP002                                SWITCH

3718519-2                            OSCILATOR

2769-1                   SENSOR

5006963                                CYLINDER SLEEVE

S5217670920201                               FITTING

3036376                                FILTER ELEMENT

S7171002520200                               UNION

129224-57-1                        THERMOSTATE

D58279                 BOLT

D57325                 BOLT

3034478                                COVER

3718673-1                            SWITCH PUSH B

71-129-9                               BUMPER

312-0059-001                     SWITCH

S520058A13-00                  HI-LOCK

HL110VAP79-8-6                               HI-LOCK

HL110VAP79-8-4                               HI-LOCK

E0217XUV300A                 SWITCH

794339-3                              SPACER

5004417                504446  CAP HUB

5004417                504445  CAP HUB

898150-1                              FIRE EXTINGER

618-8990-001                     CRCUIT CARD

3-259-911-7        32599117             SERVO CONTROL

62-99-258-0350 13273.1/4            CLAMP

6952-1L                 MOUNT

57606-P3A2520 H506613500        BEARING

71-187-1                               BOLT

5011317                                PIN STRAIGHT HEADED

S5701012100400                               PIN

10-60141-17                        COVER-SNAPON

F32882  2810-00-118-2472             LINER

S2932222             S2932222-12000                ALUMINIUM EXTRUSION

S2918030100000                               PIPE

65-22446-2                          DUCT AY

S5317400120002                               FRAME

S5317400120102                               FRAME

S2521013800000               170-11-613-990 BLIND-ROLLER / WINDOW CURTAIN UNIT

S9251073420000C                             SUPPORT

F5226-187-409                   CABLE ASSY

MS20001PX8      MS20001-8          HALF HINGE

745-3285-501                     STRAP-CAPPING

MS20001-6          MS20001P6         HINGE

65-68858-10                        DUCT

D2527113901400                               FAIRING ASSY WINDOW

GS23393-11                        TOOL

GS23393-12                        TOOL

GS23665-3                           ATR TOOL

GS23665-4                           ATR TOOL

GS23665-6                           ATR TOOL

GS23665-2                           TOOL

GS23393-18                        TOOL

GS23665-5                           ATR TOOL

GS13393-15                        TOOL

GS23665-1                           ATR TOOL

9300-107                              BEARING

398401-207                         SPACER

398401-217                         SPACER

9534576                                WEIGHT BALANCE

NSA8131-08                        BEARING-SPHERICAL

E0416-02                              SLEEVE

12931                    BAFFLE,MOISTURE-BECN LIGH

10-60204-1                          LIGHT ASSY

BACN10HC3                        NUT BARREL

S5751013200300                               CAM GUIDE

S5751013200300                               CAM GUIDE

S3618021220400                               DETECTOR

240-2715-560                     INDUCTOR FIXED

125600020           125-600-020        SANDOW

467584                  HOUSING

47-9014-01                          INSULATOR


711369                  SPACER

GA62229                              PIPE ASSY

XW20067-2075                  DRIVE FLEX

TR-725-03                            VALVE

3008787                                CONNECTOR ROD E

615697                  PACKING

524134                  GAGE OIL TANQ

69-16750-1                          OUTLET ASSY

3034003                                RING

3014216                                TUBE ASSY

85236                    NOISE FILTER

2083526-0001                     TAPE FRECUENCY

BACB10BH59TK6                               BEARING

2-4216-4-107A1                 SPRING DISC

104-1021                              SOCKET

66-18189-1                          HANDLE ASSY

14312-057                            VALVE PLATE ASS

630-1001-035                     CAP

125-500-046                        PLATE GUIDE

69-29800-2                          RAMP AY

4V6775                 KEY

642-0020-901                     ACTUADOR

S5741001020000                               INSERT

C6CFM1227-27                  SHAFT SPLINED

9534572                                WEIGHT BALANCE (0.25 OZ)

MS21250-06038                                BOLT

782166-1                              COVER

5004320-4            5004335-3            WHEEL ASSEMBLY WITH NEW TIRE  H44-5X16520

R0202A211          HK4305 LIFE RAFT

5006867-3R         5006865-4/5006885         WHEEL ASSY SUB ASSYS 5006865-4/5006885-4

GS23441-1A        GS23441-1           BLADE BALANCING FIXTURE

GS20968-1                           BLADE BALANCING FIXTURE

246-3904-000     3073101                TAIL ROTOR CUBE

MX-246-3904-000             3073101                ROTOR

204-050-129-1                    SKID TUBE

204-050-149-1                    STEP CR

204-050-149-1                    STEP TS

205-050-132-1                    SUPPORT

VX28-DE-001                      PORTABLE RE-FUEL EQUIPMENT

98S71005001000                               WRENCH

206-053-199-101                               CROSS TUBE

PWC34910-600                  GUIDE TUBE

3A063-0507                         SPRING COMPRESSION

78228N1               9215M71P02      RING

3846484-7                            Nozzle, Turbine 

382915-061                         TRANSFORMER

GS20885-1                           BLADE LIFTER

GS23413-1                           TRANSFER TUBE

21EN107-6                           SWITCH

M83726/29-2002P                            RELAY

785540-1                              RING BLADE

170-269                                INSERTS

TMN-PL-F-39     150900-0303       CONNECTOR KIT

98S2700500100  98S27005001000               DIGITAL INCLINOMETER

TJSE20706                            TERMINAL

A21B4907                            ARMATURE

GS23445-1                           RING,RETAINING

JH11985                                RETAINER

170-14015-990                   BLIND ROLLER

MS9068-018                       PACKING

AE81266P                            COUPLING

39-043A                                VALVE

166639-000         JS-100-A               RAYCHEM, PIPE HEATING

JS-100-A               166639-000         RAYCHEM, PIPE HEATING

M10DE0104                        EXHAUST PIPE  8130-3 /2008

OS22959                               WRENCH

AC7031F897Y6   QA03996              FILTER

PWC54254                           PUSHER/PULLER

3144236-1                            VALVE

NSA8130-16X                     BEARING

GS21294-1                           SPINNER EXTRACTOR

766342                  FUEL VALVE PRESS

SM400D30                           RELAY

ASNA2138-300                  GASKET

AS1895-7-250                     SEAL

3022983                                THERMOCOUPLE

2601571-2                            WHEEL

2607047-1                            WHEEL

743602-3                              F.C.U.

743602-3                              F.C.U.

743602-3                              F.C.U.

1-300-151-02                      SEAL

NAS1149FN816P                               CARBON STEEL WASHER

6870059D                             PLUG

5331-00724-5541                              RINGS

3067556                                LIGHT LOGO

GS21026-1                           TOOL

765598-1                              HOUSING

743496-5                              VALVE

782436-1                              VALVE

782436-1                              VALVE

782436-1                              VALVE

782436-1                              VALVE

782436-1                              VALVE

782436-1                              VALVE

790178-1                              XDCR

788366-2                              DIV VALV

730535-2                              HOUSING

750772-1                              HOUSING

750772-1                              HOUSING

727674-1                              LINK

774561-1                              ROTOR

774561-1                              ROTOR

740193-1                              SHAFT

740193-1                              SHAFT

748866-1                              VALVE

733807-3                              HOUSING

733807-3                              HOUSING

733807-3                              HOUSING

775009-1                              HOUSING

748866-1                              VALVE

773322-3                              HOUSING

775479-1                              FAN COOLIN

740457-5                              HOUSING

750474-4                              HOUSING

750876-2                              LINK

740735-2                              MOUNT

740735-2                              MOUNT

740737-3                              SHAFT

750482-3                              VALVE

VST170                 VALVE

3A063-0507                         COMPRESION SPRING COLUM

2607047-1                            WHEEL

D2731009900000                               SWITCH TOGGLE

5940337-5501                     NOSE LANDING GEAR

13636-95072-07                 SHOCKMOUNT AFT LH

130398-3                              OUTFLOW VALVE

TMHBS13-00-00                BS13-00-00          BRACE HOLD OPEN COWLS

E0325A01                             SWITCH

AA72S                   IGNITIER

65-67263-63        C-263-63              NET ASSY-FWD CARGO DOOR.

803V23                 IND.HIRIZONTAL

C661076-0105    36101C  HORIZON GYRO

500DCF                 HORIZONTAL GYRO

313765-505                         SAFE SIGNS

622-6520-003                     CONTROL COM CTL 22 (as is)

DST1017-13         6883621-1            ITT

DST1017-13         6883621-1            ITT

066-1023-00        KR85      ADF

4000-1002                            CLOCK

601-009-950        TC100    RATE & TURN IND

25101-B16A-1-B1                              FUEL IND

CM2628L1                           OUTSIDE AIR IND

50-380011-15     22-260-032          MANIFOLD PRESS INDICATOR

C662019-0101                    INDICATOR 

212-070-242-003               3571262-5101     PERCENT RPM

52D137-1020                      SLAVED NAV DISPLAY

SLZ9157                D6HL      VERTICAL SPEED

622-5352-017     ASI80D  AIRSPEED

206-075-681-105                               INDICADOR TACOMETRO

2594467-903                       TAT/SAT INDICATOR

6883620-501       8DJ278WAE1      Nz RPM INDICATOR

8DJ81CAA            6620-581-2238   PERCENT RPM

DMELT8-1            DMELT8.1            ELT

50-380010-9                        RPM INDICATOR

218-937-001        101-384153-3     INDICATOR FUEL FLOW

206-070-265-7    206-070-266-007               INDICATOR

3500-133-05                        LIFE BEST

C664501-0103                    CLOCK

622-2012-012                     DME, INDICATOR

622-2088-001                     AUDIO CONTROL BOX

3000-j37                               CABIN ALT

6610-12-151-0526             KAA1803LU/0/3                ALTIMETER

6610-12-147-7093             IV/6610/037/66 VARIOMETER

FK16STDMBF1   6605-12-303-9712             MAGNETIC COMPASS

1784389-533M2-1            1784389-503       INDICATOR C-6JM2-2-I  OR  6605-12-153-1467

ID663/U                               INDICATOR

6877518                                IGNITIER,

FHE161-9             6877518D             IGNITIER,

CH34168               6870059D             IGNITIER,

CH34168               6877518                IGNITIER,

CH34168               6877518G            IGNITIER,

CH34168               6877518H             IGNITIER,

066-1034-01        KT-76     TRANSPONDER

861688  452MR16             MOTOR

MPV3-032           520831  HYD MOTOR PUMP

10-60533-1          258000-3              BOOSTER PUMP

2585804-3            2585804-3B         CHANNEL PITCH CONTROL

93-4100-30                          VOICE RECORDER

8TJ50GCA                            FLUMETTER

3500542-1                            STARTER

520831  MPEX3-032         HYDRAULIC PUMP SYSTEM

398840-2                              VALVE BUTTERFLY

BAC10-60495-4  398840-2-1          VALAVE BUTTERFLY

9765119-8                            GENERADOR START

379704-1                              SWITCH MULTIPLE

373574-4                              SWITCH CENTRIFUGAL MULTIPLE

10-60737-1                          TRANSDUCER PRESSUM RATIO

4000589-5401     AD-854A              TRIM ADAPTER

10-60470-4          55097    PUMP AXILA PISTON VAR DELIVERY H Y D


383342-1-1                          STARTER

383342-1-1                          STARTER

6962333B                             CSD

965-0376-087                     COMPUTER GPWC

383152-1-2                          STARTER

261-375                                DISK

68-4450-21-00    32-158-14-1        DE-ICE BOOT

68-4450-22-00    32-158-14            DE-ICE BOOT

SPSATR42-1-1-1                                WINDSHIELD

28B263-13           60B00010-17       GENERATOR AC 3 PHASE

350880-7              PV3-240-2           PUMP HYD

9910326-1            123415  TRANS PRESS RATI  MOD 15-605

850626-503         0601-003              ELEVATOR RUDDER

PC-820-101                         SIGNAL CONDITIONING

9910055-1                            DC MOTOR

SP4232-4                              HOOK

JP2551                  PANEL

96487    V5000-1600         VALVE

972C10-1                              VALVE SHUTTE

S5411055000200                               ANGLE

810UN01S4BF0A                               SWITCH

S2521700320000                               COVER

9880710-1                            SWITCH

S2921003900000                               HOSE

S9238410720200                               GASKET

SM100D7                             RELAY

815547-1                              ACTUATOR SENSOR

0108370-30                         CABLE

S2711003521200                               SPACER

MS14102-7P                       BEARING

D61267-1                             WASHER

NSA933620-103                 SWITCH

98S71003010000                               GAUGE

E0334-01                              LAMP

210742  894418-7U           PROP GOVERNOR

9910328                                EGT IND

102340-4-1                          CONTROL FLOW

10-60467-15        MIL-T-6396C       FUEL CELL  ASSY 2F-6-33316-3

25-5015-03                          DE-ICE BOOT

25S-7D5015-07                  DE-ICE BOOT

25S-7D5015-08                  DE-ICE BOOT

25S-7D5015-14                  DE-ICE BOOT

25S-7D5015-21                  DE-ICE BOOT

260-177                2-873     BRAKE ASSY

3000-00-30          ARGUS 3000       INDICATOR

301405B               301405  BOX

4020571-965                       V-NAV COMPUTER CONTROLLER

622-4524-278     CTL-30   CONTROL

622-4526-032     CTL-60   CONTROL 

7001182-004                       ATTITUD DIRECTOR IND

724722D               7521500                ENVIROMENT CONTROL UNIT, MOD ECV07

74017-12              60B00015-12       STARTER PNEU

762689-6              145F/247F           BRUSH BLOCK ASSY

949592-5              PSC-5984B           CONTROLLER TORQUE

9910330-2RX      DSET1834-2         TORQUE IND

9910454-1            267-942-002        RPM IND

A210390                               GOVERNOR

HE29-184             8538268                RADIATOR

LM-423-42                           MOUNT

51315-116-01                     CABLE HARNES

3100A-28-11P                    RESISTOR ASSY

E0092-10-160-NN                             LEAD BONDING

659-7554-001                     PLENUM AIRSPEED

S1121005320000                               PLACARD

ASNA2139-0008                                GASKET

E0277N065E                        PUSH BOTTON

NSA937201                         SLEEVE 11 MT

S5701007620400                               BUSHING

AS12801-127                      SEAL VALVE

NTA14453-06P022                            BUSHING

S2551036620000                               EXTRUSION

ASNA018-1ADL                 STRIP BUNDING

31-2774-1                            LENS ASSY

NSA5527-03-03D                              SPACER

S9208000420800                               INSERT

21919WDE05                      CLAMP

29120B2140089Z                               GLASS GREEN

ASNA0033-028                  COLLIER

NSA5527-03-01                 SPACER

ED415C3E                            BODY

L50-12                   ROD END ASSY

NTA14464                            BUSH

5006956                                BUSHING

VX32-SH-001                      SHIM

NSA932412-01                   BUSHING

D56808EB                            BUSH OVERSIZE

65005-250                            JOINT BALL

820444-3                              ETACHABLE

MS27648-23                       BEARING

14301-005                            NUT

S7611003720000                               SUPPORT

303-9937                              GASKET

7828976                                BLOCK BRUSH

540967                  LEAD BONDING

4506527                                ELECTRICAL ASSY( REQUEST PICTURE)

6839900100         5247-2-00            VALVE

503201                  SEAT BELT ASSY  AIRBUS

402166-3                              RELAY SWITCH

A123A2                 LENS 

121-0009              MS25271-D1       RELAY 9224-4091

M4276-01                            INVERTER

1531453-7                            SHAFT

EC0276BP3FP104                              SWITCH

A123A3                 LENS

2LA403646-00                    LIGHT

PSD40-55-2         PSD40-S55-2       ADAPTER

3850633-503       0602-003              ELEVATOR TRIM

30-1329-1                            STROBE LIGHT ASSY

897400-2                              PUMP ASSY

C-4033-E                              PUMP

210614                  OVERSPEED GOVERNOR

210953  780-3360-1          OVERSPEED GOVERNOR

D210507                               OVERSPEED GOVERNOR

SOCNOV897331-3D         54174-00028-1036            TRAND DULEP

211-392                                TRANSDUCER

9910287-23                         SWITCH

123607-2                              TRANSDUCER

SOCNOV865616-3            98505-7015-3     TRANSDUCER

123607-1                              TRANSDUCER

61423    446158  CONNECTOR

7199-6                   ACTUATOR 

7199-6                   ACTUATOR 

8538268                HE29-184             RADATOR

8538268                HE29-184             RADATOR

660706330-17                     BLADE (DOWTY)

G-L8ZNEB-8                        BLADE (Mc CAULEY)

0850350 -5                           Generator Tachometer

428-2                     Valve Shut Off

V8500-68                             Valve Shut Off

V5000-135E                         Valve Shut Off

P21005                  Control Valve

475C14NW                          Auto Valve

49F9798-14                         VALVE, DRAIN

8020-02                                Out Let Valve

ZC5140                  Check Valve

CKV-4-100-6                       Check Valve

319980-6-1                          Valve Selenoid

99193SOC            N879331-3F        Presure Transducer

113607-1                              Presure Transducer

8G1250                 Press Sw

P10M-60                              Switch Pressure

9910287-16        1103P65-16         Switch Pressure

9910287-15        110 P65-15          Switch Pressure

9910287-10        1106 P60              Switch Pressure

V10F21A                              Switch Flow

MHLO-18D                          RELAY

211-1025                              Filter Element Assembly

99193-866339-2                 SEPERATOR, AIR/OIL

2976010-11F                       ASSEMBLY

A7382                    DETECTOR

56B17                    TEMPERATURE BULB

VD210195            639305  VALVE

8523-1                   Alarm Horn

8208-1                   Alarm Horn

C4033-E                                Pump

800175-3                              P/R Level Oil

4553                       Lamp 28v / 250 w

010-913-002                        Tank Unit Type 2 Fuel Qty

020-925-003                        Tank Unit Fuel Qty

020-925-001                        Tank Unit Fuel Qty

639703-11                            Fuel Control

15962                    Way Fuel Valve

10 - 79020 - 18                    Magneto Bendix

10 - 79020 - 19                    Magneto Bendix

209-030-357-1                    LINK

6898977                                COUPLING

6896313A             104100A13-A8   GOVERNOR

212-001-710-1                    BELLCRANK

MS28009-1                          TEMP IND,

369H4551             22A731 GENERATOR TACH

30903824                             VALVE

6853301                                SUMP

1-300-647-01                      FILTER ELEMENT

204-1629-2                          KIT

MS25025-1                          AMPHERIMETER

1-100-034-01                      NUT

369A1004-5         13300    SWITCH

1-300-341-01                      BEARING

1-300-235-02                      SEAL

1-080-275-02                      SPACER,SEAL,STARTER

1-160-429-01                      SPACER

1-300-649-01                      FILTER ELEMENT

1-100-346-02                      RING

B19056                  FILTER ELEMENT

1-160-589-02                      NUT GOVERNOR

NAS6607-40                        BOLT

1-100-131-01                      TABWASHER

1-300-36602                        SEAL

11502722-1                         NUT

6859183                                GASKET

77611                    GASKET

1-100-505-02                      BENDING PLATE

SBS16ATC32                       BEARING

412-030-224-101                               BOLT

204-040-116-3                    LOCKWASHER

BSH18ATC36                       BEARING

AS-355281                           SEAL

6873907-E                            SEAL

3010451A4                          SUPPORT 

785000                  HOSE

1-300-249-1                        RING METAL

1-160-850-23                      POWER TURBINE GOVERNOR

1-160-850-16                      POWER TURBINE GOVERNOR

1-160-850-16                      POWER TURBINE GOVERNOR

1-160-299-2                        GASKET

1-140-225-01                      LOCK WIRE

1-140-012-03                      COUPLING

1-130-130-01                      TAP ASSY

1-110-375-01                      PLATE SUPPORT

1-110-151-01                      SCREW

1-100-408-05                      LINEAR REAR

1-100-237-2                        PLATE

1-100-227-11                      SHIM

1-080-084-01                      NUT

1-080-076-01                      SHAFT GEAR

10-360500-1                        IGNITER

1-030-330-03                      TUBE OIL

1-030-229                            SEAL RETAINER

1-030192-04                        SHAFT GEAR

214-175-249-107                               GAS PRODUCER TACH

MS27641-4          KP4A     BEARING BALL AIRFRAME

369D28619                          MOUNTING PAD

369D28607-5                      PLATE

369D26011-4                      SUPPORT ASSY

NAS603-20P                       SCREW

NAS1197-516                     WASHER

MS246935271                    SCREW MACHINE

MS20177                              SCREW 

AN4-3A                                BOLT

AN365-524C                       NUT

AN173                   BOLT

540-011-397-1                    BOLT

22246                    SCREW MACHINE

MS3476L-195                     CONNECTOR

MS3110E8-4S                     CONNECTOR

M39012-16-01-01                             PLUG

A8016-B                               PUMP

71-30000-4S        71-30008-4S        RECEPT

40-601                   ADAPTER CONNECTOR

10-360500-1                        IGNITER

MS27595-145                     ORING

MS27595-141                     RETAINER

639161  1E1883D               OIL COOLER

6829044D                             BRACKET

6823481-7990                     PACKING

4N3101007PK1                  BOLT

104900A4                             F.C.U

23034711                             HOUSING

23033885                             TUBE ASSY

6890040                                SHILD ASSY

6875628                                LINER ASSY

6875224                                ACUMULATOR

6844316                                BRACKET

6844003                                RING

6840139                                GASKET

S1945                    NAVEGATION LIGHT

NS17245-5A                        COCKPIT LIGHT

540-011-415-1                    BEARING

209-031-351-01                 BEARING 

205-072-277-1                    SENSOR

204-076-055-1                    VALVE

204-076-053-5                    CYLINDER ASSY

CAV-110H-4                        VALVE DRAIN

87C1108-1                           ANTENNA

6897962T             23075403             THERMOCOUPLES

44020                    DME400

80631                    SLEEVE

3038996                                KIT

3041279                                THERMOCOUPLE

4024130                                RAT THRUST RATING

4218431                                TRANSFORMER

6054578                605457-8              FAN CENTRIFUGAL…..outright sale

1250895-1                            ADAPTER

206-010-452-113                               SWASH PLATE ASSY

2915873-501                       WEIGHT

3034393WFC                      FILTER

369A1011                             ROD

41-1246-1                            MLEENS ASSY

5009842-1                            SEAL

61000-600-007-0                               COVER LATCH

622-5611-011                     CONTROL 

622-7689-004                     INICATOR VERTICAL NAVEGATION

9-309                     POWER SUPPLY

980-0000                              TAPE REPRODUCER

98S27008231000                               EXTRACTOR TOOL

98S61003002000                               TRGFXE

98S28000003000                               OPENING TOOL

CPWA30046-03                 TOOL

D56817                 SPACER

D58304                 PIN

DPXB-57-33S-001                             CONNECTOR

E0244-28A0                         RELAY

F6-24Z                   GOVERNOR

K2213-9SA3        793804-503         CONE BOLT K2219-9S3

KD651510            1743645-02         FILTER KIT

LM1244448V20629                           BEARING

N30A20A                             KIT

NAS306-24-1176                               CABLE

S5357841220200                               SLEEVE

S5751007520100                               CAM

S5751052120200                               BRAKET

WF334552                           FILTER

WF336682                           FILTER KIT

YR-919                  BEARING

1822                       TOT TEMPERATURE INDICATOR

5553                       LONGITUDINAL NET

6122                       MANIFOLD FUEL PRESSURE INDICATOR

8130                       AIRSPEED INDICATOR

15347                    BASE ASSY MOUNTING

29473                    TORQUE INDICATOR

44020                    DME 400

44020                    DME 400

227401                  PACKING

521372                  OIL PRESS & TEMPERATURE INDICATOR

807417                  SEAL

920077                  ELECTRO MECH

2602195                                PACKING

6667621                                FILTER ELEMENT

6871484                                SCRALL ASSY

6879869                                STG NOZZLE

9522928                                RING-RETAINER-WIRE KIT

23053176                             BLEED VALVE

1751230003                         AMORTIGUADOR ELECTRONICO

000-6071                              PACKING

000-6098                              PACKING

003-005-001                        JUNTION PROBE (FUEL)

003-005-001                        JUNTION PROBE (FUEL)

003-005-002                        JUNTION PROBE (FUEL)

00305                    LPS (RUST INHIBIDOR #3)

005-008-19-2-043-A                         PACKING

0108900-15                         SHOULDER HARNESS

011-00313-01                     CONNECTOR PLUG

013-016-19-2-061                             PACKING

014-922-003                        CAPACITOR

019-023-25-2-043A                          PACKING

020-070-001                        TANK UNIT FUEL QTY

020-070-003                        TANK UNIT FUEL QTY

020-070-004                        TANK UNIT FUEL QTY

020-070-005                        TANK UNIT FUEL QTY

020-070-005                        TANK UNIT FUEL QTY

020-070-006                        TANK UNIT FUEL QTY

020-070-006                        TANK UNIT FUEL QTY

020-070-007                        TANK UNIT FUEL QTY

020-070-008                        TANK UNIT FUEL QTY

020-070-008                        TANK UNIT FUEL QTY

020-070-009                        TANK UNIT FUEL QTY

020-070-009                        TANK UNIT FUEL QTY

020-070-012                        TANK UNIT FUEL QTY

023-27-25-2-043A                             PACKING

02K3438                               SCREW

030-2077-00                        CONNECTOR

03128                    HEAVY DUTY LPS (1GL)

03128                    HEAVY-DUTY (RUST INHIBITOR)

0326-0                   SUPPORT ASSY

0402-005                              GENERADOR TACOMETRO

047-055-46-2-043A                          PACKING

04847-4D                             BALLAST

050-014-002                        FUEL COMPENSATOR

050-01756-0003                 INSTALL KIT KR

05-2500-4-C073                 MEGAPHONE (MEGAFONO)

055295                  PACKING

057398-115                         WASHER

059-0001                              BOLT

059-002                                WASHER

066-50002-8102                 TCAS/VS INDICATOR

075230278-1                       SHIM

079-0003                              WASHER

08125-20629                       BEARING

089-05534-0036                 ADF ANTENNA SCREWS

0900-0416-00                     GPS 400D

1000P                    PITOT PROBES COVERED TAG

1010-6                   GASKET

1010-6                   GASKET

101-384025-7                     WINDSHIELD

101-384-25-8                      WINDSHIELD

101-526012-9                     CABLE ASSY

101-580213-1                     TUBE

101-81-0070-19                 VENTILATION DUCT

10-319434                            WASHER

10-60479-44                        COAXIAL CONTACT

10-62-20                               COVER

108-3                     DOUBLE FACE TAPE

1108-009                              OIL PRESS INDICATOR (IND.PRESION ACEITE)

112413-8                              HALF BALL GROMMET

112T06-3                              TYRE

114697                  CLIP

11472461-2                         WASHER

115-524071-15                   ALUMINUM SHEET

115-524071-15                   RETAINER

1173T19-1                            TEMPERATURE SWITCH ASSY

11S11311030B                    114VU PLACARD

1210                       HALON FIRE EXTINGUISHER

12154W52                           FILM PLASTIC, REINFORCED

1217-3-5                               SCREW

124-514-6                            EGT INDICATOR

1250860-29                         CLAMP ASSY

1250895-1                            ADAPTER

128248ITL                            SEAL

130909B11                           SCREW

130909B20                           BOLT

130909B65                           BOLT

1315                       LAMP

1406200165007                  HOSE

140LUN7783-01-8                             FUEL TANK COVER

14279-3                                COVER

1-51940-321                        WASHER

1520-005                              PACKING

1529-006                              BOLT

156722-8-0404                   HOSE

15-AMP                                FUSE

1-5X10X183402A                               WASHER

16 288                   STATIC DISCHARGER BASE

16 288                   STATIC DISCHARGER BASE

1610-13-6-1-9                    PACKING

1610-15-6-1-9                    PACKING

1610-4                   GASKET

1610-45-25                          PACKING

1610-97-19                          PACKING

16335                    STATIC DISCHARGER BASE

16335                    STATIC MASS

1634-4P-D1-4                     ALTIMETER

16733-10-818S                   STRAP

1714800-261                       FLIGHT DATA RECORDER

173702-53                            CONNECTOR PLUG

1743645-02                         FUEL FILTER

180229                  ENGINE BOLT

18276-225                            CLAMP ASSY

1940-321                              WASHER

19484                    PACKING

19485                    PACKING

1G8-4-1                                AIR INDICATOR

20025018-11                       COVER ASSY

20033009-11                       DOUBLER

20033011-3                         FILTER BASE

20-04-92                               LAMP KIT

2013-1A                                BATTERY

201386                  CARTRIDGE

206-001-055-001                               BEARING

206-010-466-1                    HELICOPTER SWAS PLATE

206-011-100-21                 SUPPORT ASSY

206-011-132-113                               GRIP

206-032-445-029                               METALLIC SHEET

206-033-210-03                 COVER ASSY

206-033-223                        SUPPORT ASSY

206-040-117-3                    GEAR

206-040-203-3                    ADAPTER

206-040-221                        ADAPTER

206-062-673-1                    FUEL PUMP

206-064-213-103                               ENGINE PROTECTIVE NET (MALLA PROTECTORA)

206-064-826-103B                            COVER ASSY

206-070-266-9                    RPM INDICATOR

206-075-185-1                    TORQUE INDICATOR

206-351-0001-1                 INSTRUMENT CLUSTER

206-450-001                        COVER ASSY

20-AMP                                FUSE

210488E                                PROPELLER GOVERNOR

211C119-87                         PRESSURE SWITCH

2187A-162                           CLAMP

21G4-150-0-02                   HYDRAULIC HOSE

2203423-1                            CONDENSER GASKET

2262A-178                           PACKING

2262A-7                                PACKING

2267A-14-2                         PACKING

2267A-154-2                       PACKING

2267A-229-2                       PACKING

2267A-231-2                       PACKING

2267A-254-2                       PACKING

23007196B                           TURBINE SPARE PARTS (UNIT)

2412-20                                CONVERTER

2534-5                   GASKET

2538364-A                           CHECK VALVE

2587794                                FLUX VALVE

25-AMP                                FUSE

25HFXL410-UVP-4670-244                            HYDRAULIC HOSE

2600545                                NUT

2608887                                WHEEL ASSEMBLY

2609172                                TRASDUCER CLAMP

26B70BT                               LAMP

2915873-501                       WEIGHT

2A813-34-01                       RADAR INDICATOR

2-AMP                  FUSE

2Q862Q90                           PACK RODHSG

3/32IN                  COTTER PIN

30100022-4                         LAVATORY FIRE EXTINGUISHER BOTTLE

3010880                                GASKET

3011155B1229                    TRANSFER TUBE

3014397                                CARRIER, OIL SEAL

303 2489                               PACKING

30311A                 BEARING

303200                  SEAL

3034393WFC                      FILTER

3037K                    VOLTIMETRO

3038996                                PACKING

3041279                                THERMOCOUPLE

3044777-011229                                TRANSFER TUBE

305                         LAMP

30-AMP                                FUSE

3101254-01                         GASKET

3101322-01                         GASKET

3102225-01                         TERMINAL ASSY

3102268-01                         GASKET

3102268-01                         GASKET

3103346-10                         DIAPHRAGME

3103636-01                         6 HOLE METALLIC GASKET

3105413-01                         METALLIC RING SEAL

3106393-01                         3 HOLE GASKET

3106487-02                         BOLT

3119255-01                         ADAPTER

3120469-01                         PLATE BOTTOM SEALING

3185-0510-8                        SCREW

320562                  CONNECTOR PLUG

3265001-0301                     FUEL TOTALIZER

32CSN021702-14                               WASHER


343-1                     PASSENGER SEAT BELT (COMPLETE)

3490-2                   LEVER

3500-129                              LIFE VEST

3500-133                              LIFE VEST

3500-133C-05                     LIFE VEST

354118C                               TEFLON RETAINER

3571261-3102                     RPM INDICATOR

36001-4-0140                     HOSE

365A31-1889-01                                WING TIP

369A5528C15                     TRANSMISSION STOPPER

369A8201                             FITTING

369H4551                             GENERADOR TACOMETRO

369H8302-NC                     BOOT

3752173                                BATTERY COVERS

39-249-2                               PRESSURE CONTROL V/V (HYD)

3951864-1                            PIN

3G30F                   MICRO SWITCH

3NB-506T                             REGULATOR VALVE

400-0125-100                     UHF

4005123-907                       ALTIMETER

40253                    BATTERY

402A12-4                             FUEL FILTER

403765-2                              10 OHMS RESISTOR

4059703-2                            LAMP MODULE

40666005-L4                       SEAT TABLE LATCH

41152-13                              SPRING

416-0001-21                        COFFE MAKER

4164                       ELECTRIC BUS

4218431                                TRANSFORMER

42-807                   ANTISKID CONTROL BOX

4288569                                SCREW

42FLW624                            NUT

42HFXL410-4670-250                       HYDRAULIC HOSE

4-2LMN3290                       WASHER

4-2ONL3288-2                    SECURITY WASHER

4355-E                   GEAR

443634649-00                     HOSE

453-0120B                           REMOTE DATABASE

453-0191                              ELT SUPPORT

4556-6                   BOLT

4561-750                              CLAMP

45680-0000                         ADF

4589                       LAMP

4593                       LAMP

478-5612-1                          TEMPERATURE SENSOR

47B9A                   TEMPERATURE INDICATOR

4836-0441700                     SUPPORT ASSY

490-24RPB                           CLAMP

4913366-501                       SEAL

4914876-501                       GASKET

4916851-1                            GASKET

4HBB057254N                    TUBE ASSY

4HGXL410-4670-241                        HYDRAULIC HOSE

4T-LM29711                        BEARING GUIDE

4W0168                                BOLT

4X5021131-89                    SCREW

5/64IN                  COTTER PIN

5004446                                ANTISKID COVER

5004743                                SWAGE ADJUSTER

5004743                                SWAGE ADJUSTER

5005388                                TAB LOCKWIRE WASHER

5006963                                CYLINDER SLEEVE

5006965                                HOUSING RETURN SPRING

5006987-1                            SEAL BEARING

5009838                                INSULATOR PISTON

5009839                                RETAINING PISTON INSULATOR

5009842                                BEARING

5011124-1                            HUB SPACER

5011167-59                         SCREW

50-130011                            SUPPORT ASSY

50-380034-3                        RPM INDICATOR

50-389057-1                        GENERADOR TACOMETRO

5111603-8                            WASHER

5128A-165-2                       PACKING

52-08874-22-000-04                         HOSE

52931983-30A06                               WASHER

529-7                     FILTER

529-7-1-25                           FILTER

52HVXL410-4670-254                      HYDRAULIC HOSE

52HVXL410-4670-254                      HYDRAULIC HOSE

5485-064A-D                      SYNCHRONIZER ACTUATOR

5500-C1A-BF23A                               PORTABLE OXYGEN BOTTLE

5500-C1A-BF23A                               PORTABLE OXYGEN BOTTLE

557-10D                                CHECK VALVE

56 634-115                           WASHER

56001CAF-B                        OXYGEN BOTTLE

56515-3                                TEMPERATURE INDICATOR

5710-194-20                        WASHER RING

57-335-0001                        CONNECTOR

5826-12-153-1492                             E/UHF-HOM CONTROL PANEL

58657-8248                         RELAY

5-86VP250                           OXYGEN CYLINDER

5-90427                                OIL INDICATOR

5-90513                                TEMPERATURE INDICATOR

5917233-11                         TORQUE TUBE

5918161-5507                     ELEVATOR CONTROL VALVE

5922533-23                         SEAL

5930502-79                         GASKET

5936884-3                            HOSE

5CSN023512                       BEARING

61000-600-007-0                               COVER

61-2008                                POWER SUPPLY

61305N10                            RPM INDICATOR

619368-12                            VALVE

62-0613                                FUEL PUMP

62-2038                                BASE TIMER

622-2360-001                     CONTROL RECEIVER TRANSMITER

622-3586-001                     ANTENNA

622-7689-004                     VERTICAL SPEED INDICATOR

629004-8                              PACKING

62991180890720                               CLAMP

62-99-118-089-0720                         CLAMP ASSY

6299207-200                       V-BAND PIPE

635218S4S10-00                                HYDRAULIC HOSE

649368-12                            HYDRAULIC PUMP

64T00                    STEEL CONDUIT

65-37894-3                          WASHER

65-5106-4                            FUEL PUMP

659005-8                              PACKING

6655566                                FILTER

6898761                                UNIVERSAL ELBOW

699125-10                            BOLT

69B63073-501                    WASHER

6-AMP                  FUSE

70-009H015C152                               HOSE

70-010F000X110                                HOSE

70-010H000V142                               HOSE

70-010J000A140                                HOSE

70-010J000A140                                HOSE

70-031A201-000                                HOSE

70-053F000D112A                            HOSE

70-061L000A530                                HOSE

70898                    WIRE ASSEMBLY

7376-8                   VALVE

7376-8                   VALVE

7403L6                  SCREW

75-000600-002-0                               LOWER BUMPER

7511211                                FILTER ELEMENT

76-102-7                               CAPACITOR

76149                    FILTER

76-174-5                               CAPACITOR

76-174-5                               CAPACITOR

76202-1                                HANDLE

762MV-BU24-790                             TEMPERATURE INDICATOR

779247-5                              PACKING

77BU1444                            BUSHING

782307-1                              SEPARATOR, BALL

782652-2                              SEAL PROP BLADE

786392-11                            FUEL CONTROL UNIT

7880-01-8                            KIT

78-8041-7634-1                 STORMSCOPE DISPLAY

7914600-832                       NAME PLATE

794401-1                              GASKET

794401-1                              GASKET

794401-2                              GASKET

794401-2                              GASKET

801307-20                            CREW CILINDER OXYGEN

802263-1                              SEAL

805-6-9                 GASKET

80570-9                                GASKET

80W-90                 SPIRAX OIL (1/4GL)

810486                  TEMPERATURE INDICATOR

810486                  TEMPERATURE INDICATOR

840-30111                            HYDRAULIC ACCOUSSTIC FILTER

8-94254867-0                     BRACKET

897110-14                            FUEL CONTROL UNIT (FCU)

8AMT-7615-0040-01                        WINDOW SUPPORT

8AMT-7615-0040-02                        WINDOW SUPPORT

8AT-7500-220-17                              COVER ASSY

8AT-7615-0050-001                          WINDOW SUPPORT

8AT-7615-0050-002                          WINDOW SUPPORT

8AT-7615-0060-001                          WINDOW SUPPORT

8AT-7615-0060-002                          WINDOW SUPPORT

8GH003912-06                   LAMP

8J2403061-00                     FUSE 400mA - 250V

90-384031-1                        BLOWER ASSY

9120M12P02                      HOSE

927-512                                CARGO DECK BELT

9-309                     POWER SUPPLY

93272-532                            NUT

93-A055-60                         MICROPHONE

947F945-3                            GENERATOR CONTROL UNIT (GCU)

947F945-3                            GENERATOR CONTROL UNIT (GCU)

952257-W6                          SEAL

9534576                                WEIGHT

9536196                                PACKING

9550625                                WHEEL HALF

97-3-1045                            EMERGENCY LIGHT

976J254-4                            AC GENERATOR CONTROL PANEL

980-0000-001                     TAPE REPRODUCER

990-3138-000                     CVR ADAPTER

990-3138-000                     CVR ADAPTER

990-3138-000                     CVR ADAPTER

990-391-00-8                      PASSENGER SEAT BELT (COMPLETE)

990-391-00-8                      PASSENGER SEAT BELT FEMALE (INCOMPLETE)

99193380CN3105547-1                   SPARK PLUG

99-5039                                INLET FILTER

9EL408423-00                     LENS ASSY

A-7079B-24                         LAMP

A-723-7                                PANEL

A-723-7                                PANEL

AC-6091F-8Y17                  FILTER

AD-4002P                            BATTERY

AE53745                               BEARING

AE53746                               BUSHING

AE7013105E0196                               HOSE

AFA18-1006-20                  PASSENGER TELEPHONE


AN103015                            BOLT

AN310-3                               NUT

AN312A                                BOLT

AN3-13A                              BOLT

AN316-4L                             NUT

AN3-20                 BOLT

AN3-3A                                BOLT

AN3-4                   BOLT

AN3-4                   BOLT

AN3-5A                                BOLT

AN362-4                               NUT PLATE

AN365                   NUT

AN3-7A                                BOLT

AN4-11                 BOLT

AN4-12                 BOLT

AN4-414A                            BOLT

AN4H4A                               BOLT

AN5-17A                              BOLT

AN531-3                               SCREW

AN5771-1A                         FUEL PRESS GAGE

AN6235-3A                         FILTER

AN735TW-58                      CLAMP

AN742-32C                          CLAMP

AN814-81                            PLUG AND BLEEDER

AN818-6C                            FITTING

AN832-4                               UNION

AN833-4J                             DRAINING

AN924-4J                             NUT

AN929-5                               CAP

AN960-516                          WASHER

AN960-616                          WASHER

AN960-616L                        WASHER

AN960-86L                          WASHER

AN960C1616                       WASHER

AN960C416                         WASHER

AN960C416L                       WASHER

AN960C516                         WASHER

AN960D416                         WASHER

AN960PD516L                    WASHER

AN960PD716                      WASHER

AN970-3                               WASHER

AN970-3                               WASHER

AN-ASA-3C                         STATIC DISCHARGER

ANS-4                   BOLT

AS3209-115                         PACKING

ASNA2001V3-4                  SCREW

ASNA2136-020                  ELBOW

ASNA2138-250                  SEAL

ASNA2141-40-07                              SEAL

ASNA2358T3-1                  SCREW

ASNA2405                           EXTRUSION

AST7839BP2                       LAMP

AV8                        DINITROL BMS3-23F TYPE2

AYLF206                               GASKET

AYLF9714-1                         TEMPERATURE SENSOR

B055-611N                          BUSH

B057-817N                          PACKING

B063464N                            HYDRAULIC HOSE

B066234N                            PIPELINE

B-096-127                            SAFE PARKING

B135025N                            BUSH


B300-061N                          WASHER

B300-062N                          WASHER

B300-063N                          WASHER

B300-064N                          WASHER

B300-065N                          WASHER

B300-066N                          WASHER

B30LE5                  BOLT

B30LJ7D                                BOLT

B30LT4D-VS                        BOLT

B30LU6-24                           SCREW

B30NR4                                BOLT

B30US7                 BOLT

B30US77                              BOLT

B530-052N                          BUSH

B530-054N                          BUSH

B530-082N                          BUSH

B557138N-19HF                                HYDRAULIC HOSE

B557139N-22HF                                HYDRAULIC HOSE

B557140N-25HF                                HYDRAULIC HOSE

B557143N-65HF                                HYDRAULIC HOSE

B557148N-52HB                                HYDRAULIC HOSE

B557156N-52HV                                HYDRAULIC HOSE

B557157N-56HV                                HYDRAULIC HOSE

B557158N-60HV                                HYDRAULIC HOSE

B557159N-63HV                                HYDRAULIC HOSE

B557276N-28HB                                HYDRAULIC HOSE

B560453N                            HYDRAULIC HOSE

B563310N                            HYDRAULIC HOSE

B563310N                            HYDRAULIC HOSE

B570520N                            START GENERATOR CABLE

BAC330CE7-35                   BOLT

BACB30K24-41                   BOLT

BACB30LH-10P                  BOLT

BACB30LH-4-10                 SCREW

BACB30LH5V1                    SCREW

BACB30LM6DU12                             BOLT

BACB30LR4-12                   SCREW

BACB30LR4-23                   SCREW

BACB30LR4-3                     SCREW

BACB30LR4-7                     SCREW

BACB30LU-3-1                   SCREW

BACB30LU3-4                     SCREW

BACB30LU3-54                  SCREW

BACB30LU-3-6                   SCREW

BACB30LU-4                       SCREW

BACB30LU4-5                     SCREW

BACB30LU4-6                     SCREW

BACB30LU4-9                     SCREW

BACB30LV4-7                     SCREW

BACB30US6K-18                               BOLT

BACB30US6K-19                               BOLT

BACB30US7K28X                              BOLT

BACN10JR3F                       NUT PLATE

BACN10LF                           NUT PLATE

BACN10YD5                        CLIP NUT

BACN6BY                             NUT

BACR15DR3-8                    CHERRY RIVET

BACS21K-10                        SCREW STUD

BACW10BP3DP                 WASHER

BACW10BP4DP                 WASHER

BACW10P108D                  WASHER

BACW10P128AM                              WASHER

BACW10P129AM                              WASHER

BACW10UD101                 WASHER

BACW10Z                            CUP WASHER

BARN10JC8                         NUT

BF04                      VOLTIAMPERIMETRO

BMP                      CONVERTER

C145-250F           C-145-20F            ELECTRIC MOTOR

C156001-0104                    CHAIN ASSEMBLY

C33-53380                           PLATE

C50221-10-03                     RETAINER

C5292                    COVER ASSY

C662037-0103                    MANIFOLD FUEL PRESSURE INDICATOR

CAM-100-1800                  LATCH

CAM-100-2200                  LATCH

CAM-100-500                     LATCH

CBS10-0-N-16F                  BUSHING

CBS8-2-N-16F                    BUSHING

CD-10                    CAP

CD-8                      CAP

CGAB1400-00                     SMOKE DETECTOR

CH31701A                            SPARK PLUG

CH34817                               PLUG IGNITER

CM626                  LAMP

CM8-A103                           LAMP

CO415-8                               CIRCUIT RELAY

CPO-2                   FILTER

CR3212-6-03                       CHERRY RIVET

CR3212-6-06                       CHERRY RIVET

CR3212-6-08                       CHERRY RIVET

CR3213-5-03                       CHERRY RIVET

CR3213-6-07                       CHERRY RIVET

CR3213-6-4                         CHERRY RIVET

CR3242-6-06                       CHERRY RIVET

CSH02113124                     SCREW

CSN021401-24                   NUT

CSN021412-44                   NUT

CSN021702-14                   WASHER

CSN021702-14                   WASHER

CSN021726-14                   WASHER

CSN021744-04                   NUT

CSN021745-04                   WASHER

CSN021781-04                   COTTER PIN

CSN021781-04                   COTTER PIN

CSN021781-04                   COTTER PIN

CSN021781-09                   COTTER PIN

CSN021781-09                   COTTER PIN

CSN021781-09                   COTTER PIN

CSN021781-09                   COTTER PIN

CSN021781-09                   COTTER PIN

CSN023680                          BALL UNIT

CSN023680                          BALL UNIT

CSN029281-2                      PACKING

CSN029310-2                      WASHER

CSN029310-2                      WASHER

CSN029310-2                      WASHER

CSN029310-2                      WASHER

CSN029310-2                      WASHER

CSN029310-2                      WASHER

CSN029310-2                      WASHER

CSN029310-3                      WASHER

CSN029310-3                      WASHER

CSN029310-3                      WASHER

CSN029310-3                      WASHER

CSN029310-3                      WASHER

CSN029310-3                      WASHER

CSN029310-3                      WASHER

CSN029310-3                      WASHER

CSN029310-3                      WASHER

CSN029310-3                      WASHER

CSN029310-3                      WASHER

CSN029310-3                      WASHER

CSN029310-3                      WASHER

CSN029310-3-5                  WASHER

CY-EQ9EU                            SOUND EQUILIZER

D56299                 BUSH

D56817-1                             SPACER

D56825                 WASHER

D57307                 WASHER

D57314                 WASHER

D57324                 WASHER

D57327                 BOLT

D57373                 CUP

D57396                 WASHER

D57400-N727                     BOLT

D57415                 TARGET

D57549                 TAB WASHER

D57897-115                         WASHER

D57977-1-115                     WASHER LOOK

D58528-115                         WASHER

D58553                 PIN

D58554                 BOLT

D58555                 WASHER

D58732-103                         PLATE

D58733                 PLATE

D58738                 PLATE

D58739                 PLATE

D58739                 PLATE

DC39-20S                             CONTACT

DC4-5-3 OZ                         DOW CORNING

DC62E14S7SN                    CONNECTOR PLUG

DMELT8-1                            ELT TRANSMITER

DMR400DPS                       DIFFERENTIAL RELAY

DMR400DPS                       DIFFERENTIAL RELAY

DMR400DPS                       DIFFERENTIAL RELAY

DMR400DPS                       DIFFERENTIAL RELAY

DMR-400DPS                     DIFFERENTIAL RELAY

DMR-400DPS                     DIFFERENTIAL RELAY

DMR-400DPS                     DIFFERENTIAL RELAY

DMR-400DPS                     DIFFERENTIAL RELAY

DMR-400DPS                     DIFFERENTIAL RELAY

DMR-400DPS                     DIFFERENTIAL RELAY

DMR-400DPS                     DIFFERENTIAL RELAY

DMR-400DPS                     DIFFERENTIAL RELAY

DMS2373CL3-0472                           SLEEVE

DOT-3HT-1850                   OXYGEN BOTTLE

DS07-7S-059                       CANNON PLUG

E0052R10B6SNE                                CONNECTOR PLUG

E0237E09S01B                    CONNECTOR PLUG

E0245-28A0                         RELAY

E0401-06                              LAMP

ER-560                  MEGAPHONE

F2231-4                                NUT PLATE

F391-187                              DRAIN VALVE

F49249-4                              NUT PLATE

F5231-8                                NUT PLATE

FDC-2700                             PASSENGER SEAT BELT FEMALE (INCOMPLETE)

FDC-6400B-56-1-080                       PASSENGER SEAT BELT MALE (INCOMPLETE)

FN12-02                               NUT

FN26-524                             NUT

G22-40-7F                           GENERATOR SEAL

G-3197                  ACUMULADOR GAUGE

G-6101                  AUDIO CONTROL BOX

G803                      CARBON FIBER SHEET

GA63196                              BRAKE PRESSURE LINE

GE-1683                               LAMP

GE-4551                               LAMP

GE4553                 LANDING LIGHT

GP-1Z-BC                             HALON EXTINGUISHER

H3410-23F                           BUSHING

HS306-326                           WASHER

IU028-004                            FUEL FLOW INDICATOR

J905P06B                             SAFETY BOLT

J-9613-12                             MOUNT

JM442C24S40YN                               CLAMP

K1042-E-002                       KIT HARDWARE INSTALLATION

K2213-9SA3                        CONE BOLT

K39-1100-06                       WASHER

KM-8                     INDICATOR

KP-26A                 VALVE

KW205STB                           DISPLAY

L-14-240                               COAXIAL CABLE

L45449                  BEARING

LK74669                                WASHER

LM122948                            BEARING

LM124448V                         BEARING

LN5096                 PACKING

LN5096                 PACKING

LN5120                 PACKING

LN5120                 PACKING

LN5120                 PACKING

LN5137-6                             NUT

LN5157                 PACKING

LN5157-1                             PACKING

LN5161-4                             PACKING

LN5167-6                             NUT

LN5209                 COTTER PIN

LN5209                 COTTER PIN

LN5272                 PACKING

LN5341                 PACKING

LN5383                 SECURITY WASHER

LP51957-49                         SCREW

LPS                         CORROSION INHIBITOR (3GL)

LUN1108-06-8                    AIRSPEED INDICATOR

LUN1124-12-8                    ALTIMETER

LUN1156-7                          PRESSURE STATIC PORT

LUN1157-7                          PITOT TUBE

LUN1370-02-8                    ITT INDICATOR

LUN1370-02-8                    ITT INDICATOR

LUN1377-8                          THERMOCOUPLES

LUN1377-8                          THERMOCOUPLES

LUN1377-8                          THERMOCOUPLES

LUN1446-02-8                    BRAKE DUAL PRESS INDICATOR

LUN1446-02-8                    BRAKE DUAL PRESS INDICATOR


LUN1469-11-8                    PRESSURE SWITCH

LUN1492-01-8                    SWITCH

LUN1492-01-8                    SWITCH

LUN1492-02-8                    SWITCH

LUN1492-02-8                    SWITCH

LUN1492-04-8                    SWITCH

LUN1538-01-8                    TRIPLE INDICATOR

LUN1539-02-8                    TORQUE INDICATOR

LUN1558-8                          SWITCH OIL PRESS

LUN1559-8                          SENSOR FUEL PRESSURE

LUN1634-01                        FUEL QUANTITY INDICATOR

LUN1636-01-8                    FUEL CAPACITOR

LUN1649-8                          ANTENNA

LUN1649-8                          ANTENNA

LUN1674-8                          TIP TANK FUEL INDICATOR

LUN2102.01-8                    ALTERNATOR

LUN2102.01-8                    ALTERNATOR

LUN2102.01-8                    ALTERNATOR

LUN2147-01                        REGULATOR VALVE

LUN2201-03-8                    IGNITION BOX

LUN2450-8                          INVERTER

LUN2450-8-8                      INVERTER

LUN2460                              3 PHASES INVERTER

LUN2460                              INVERTER

LUN2460-8                          INVERTER

LUN2477-01-8                    VALVE

LUN2477-02-8                    ELECTRIC AIR VALVE

LUN2743-01-8                    VOLTIAMPERIMETRO

LUN3215-8                          PUSH BOTTON SWITCH

LUN3295-8                          DE-ICE TIMER RELAY

LUN3591-22                        AUDIO PANEL SWITCH BOX

LUN3710-05                        GPS MAP 195 (NAV INDICATOR)

LUN3710-05                        GPS MAP 195 (NAV INDICATOR)

LUN5223-8                          DERIVATOR SPEED

LUN5615-8                          CABIN TEMPERATURE TRANSMITER

LUN6102-01-8                    HYDRAULIC PUMP

LUN6102-01-8                    HYDRAULIC PUMP

LUN6102-01-8                    HYDRAULIC PUMP

LUN6290-048                     PACKING

LUN6290-04-8A                 MECHANICAL PUMP (BOMBA MECANICA)

LUN6290-04-8AB                              MECHANICAL PUMP (BOMBA MECANICA)

LUN6577-8                          VALVE

LUN6590-05-8A                 FUEL CONTROL UNIT (FCU)

LUN6900-8-02                    BRAKE ACCUMULATOR


LUN7188-7                          HYDRAULIC VALVE

LUN7350-8                          DISCHARGE VALVE

LUN7376-8                          VALVE

LUN7377-8                          VALVE

LUN7850-7                          BRUSH BLOCK

LUN7850-7                          BRUSH BLOCK

LUN-9902-165                    PRESSURE REGULATOR

LUN-UA28A-13                 INERTIAL TRANSMITER

LUN-UA28A-13                 INERTIAL TRANSMITER

M10X1MON1175                              SPECIAL NUT

M209223                              RPM SENSOR

M25688-1-020                   PACKING

M25988-1-022                   PACKING

M25988-1-135                   PACKING

M25988-1-135                   PACKING

M25988-1-212                   PACKING

M25988-4-013                   PACKING

M25988-4-132                   PACKING

M25988-4-132                   PACKING

M500-1564                          RELAY

M5930-02                            TURN & SLIP INDICATOR

M-601-19-4                         BLEED VALVE

M601-8024-9-2                  SLEEVE

M601-80-56                        GASKET

M601-8057-8-1                  GASKET

M6CSN021402-44                             NUT

M8324-1-235                      PACKING

M83248-1-012                   PACKING

M83248-1-016                   PACKING

M83248-1-029                   PACKING

M83248-1-109                   PACKING

M83248-1-225                   PACKING

M83248-1-236                   PACKING

M83248-1-236                   SEAL

M83461-1-012                   PACKING

M8791-1-010                      BACKUP RING

MD-12                  CAP

MF19058                              NUT PLATE

MIL-W-83420-3-32                           CABLE 7X7

MM65-89                            CLAMP

MN-100M                           ACTUATOR

MN-100M                           ACTUATOR

MOBIL-254                          JET OIL


MS14155-6                          WASHER

MS15001-1                          GREASER

MS20002-16                       WASHER

MS20002-9                          WASHER

MS20002C6                         WASHER

MS2002CA                          WASHER

MS20658-6F                       BRAKE ASSY TENSION UNIT

MS20819-4C                       SLEEVE FITTING

MS20819-6C                       SLEEVE FITTING

MS21042-4                          BUSH

MS21042-L3                        NUT

MS21044N3                        NUT

MS21075-L08                     NUT

MS21075-L5                        NUT PLATE

MS21084-6                          NUT

MS21250-04008                                BOLT

MS21250-06016                                BOLT

MS21250-06038                                BOLT

MS21250-06054                                BOLT

MS21250-06054                                BOLT

MS21250-07026                                BOLT

MS21250-10056                                BOLT

MS21250PBF                      BOLT

MS21251-A3S                    TURNBUCKLE

MS21919DG24                   CLAMP

MS21919WDG35                              CLAMP

MS21919WDG35                              CLAMP ASSY

MS24266R22B55S7                          CONNECTOR PLUG

MS24665-191                     COTTER PIN

MS24693S28                       SCREW

MS25038-4                          GENERADOR TACOMETRO

MS25171-2S                       CONNECTOR COVER

MS25181-3                          UNION

MS-25185-1                        BATTERY COVER UNIT

MS-25185-1                        BATTERY COVER UNIT (6 UNITS / KIT)

MS25281R5                         CLAMP

MS27039-1-08                   SCREW

MS27611                              VALVE BLEEDER

MS27612-7                          ADAPTER BLEEDER

MS27612-7                          ADAPTER BLEEDER

MS28773-04                       RETAINER

MS28775-018                     PACKING

MS28775-109                     PACKING

MS28775-213                     PACKING

MS28775-239                     PACKING

MS28775-239                     PACKING

MS28778-5                          PACKING

MS28778-5                          PACKING

MS29512-04                       PACKING

MS29513-013                     PACKING

MS29513-137                     PACKING

MS29513-153                     PACKING

MS29561-021                     PACKING

MS29561-236                     PACKING

MS3126F-41                       PLUG

MS35338-43                       WASHER

MS35769-11                       WASHER

MS90415                              NUT

MS9058-05                          PACKING

MS9058-05                          RETAINER

MS9385-06                          PACKING

MS9386-266                       PACKING

MS9386-281                       PACKING

MS9388-017                       PACKING

MS9432-6-8                        BOLT

MS9490-25                          BOLT

MS9887-09                          BOLT

MS9923-08                          BOLT

MS9966-12                          PACKING

MS9967-046                       PACKING

MS9967-135                       PACKING

N1186-14-20                       COVER ASSY

N750HG                               SPINNER

NAS1022A12                      NUT

NAS1033-3                          ANCHOR NUT

NAS1033-8                          NUT

NAS1096-1-8                      BOLT

NAS1096-3-9                      BOLT

NAS1100E4-14                   SCREW

NAS1102                              SCREW

NAS1102                              SCREW

NAS1102-4-10                    SCREW

NAS1103-10                        BOLT

NAS1103-2                          BOLT

NAS1103-26                        BOLT

NAS1103-3                          BOLT

NAS1103-9                          BOLT

NAS1104-10                        BOLT

NAS1104-22                        BOLT

NAS1104-24                        BOLT

NAS1104-27                        BOLT

NAS1104-4                          BOLT

NAS1104-5                          BOLT

NAS1104-5                          BOLT

NAS1104-8                          BOLT

NAS1105-22                        BOLT

NAS1105-26                        BOLT

NAS1106-30                        BOLT

NAS1134E4P                       SCREW

NAS1149C0332R                               WASHER

NAS1149D0316H                               WASHER

NAS1149D04634                               WASHER

NAS1149D0663Y                               WASHER

NAS1149F0363P                                WASHER

NAS1149F0532P                                WASHER

NAS1149F0532P                                WASHER

NAS1149F0932P                                WASHER

NAS1149F6332P                                WASHER

NAS1153E13P                    SCREW

NAS1153E6P                       SPECIAL SCREW

NAS1153E6P                       SPECIAL SCREW

NAS1153V6A                      SCREW

NAS1203-28                        BOLT

NAS1203-6                          SCREW

NAS1207-19                        SCREW

NAS1252-10H                     WASHER

NAS1252-10L                      WASHER

NAS1252-4161                   WASHER

NAS1252-416H                  WASHER

NAS1252-716H                  WASHER

NAS1291-3                          NUT

NAS1291-4                          NUT

NAS1303-10                        BOLT

NAS1303-11                        BOLT

NAS1303-2                          BOLT

NAS1303-3                          BOLT

NAS1303-36                        BOLT

NAS1303-5                          BOLT

NAS1303-5                          BOLT

NAS1304-1                          BOLT

NAS1304-12                        BOLT

NAS1304-15                        BOLT

NAS1304-16                        BOLT

NAS1304-17                        BOLT

NAS1304-3                          BOLT

NAS1304-7                          BOLT

NAS1304-8                          BOLT

NAS1352-08-89                 SCREW

NAS1398D5-4                     CHERRY RIVET

NAS1465-4                          SCREW

NAS1474                              NUT

NAS150A48                         BOLT

NAS1602-904                     PACKING

NAS1611-007                     PACKING

NAS1611-011                     PACKING

NAS1611-114                     PACKING

NAS1611-149A                  PACKING

NAS1611-218                     PACKING

NAS1612-4A                       PACKING

NAS1612-6A                       PACKING

NAS1635-2-12                    SCREW

NAS1739E5-3                     CHERRY RIVET

NAS1775-6                          NUT PLATE

NAS1791                              NUT PLATE

NAS1801-3D6                     SCREW

NAS1870-4                          NUT

NAS306-24-1176                               AILERON CABLE ASSY

NAS334-3                            SCREW

NAS334-5                            SCREW

NAS334-CPA10                  BOLT

NAS334CPA6                      SCREW

NAS335-CPA10                  BOLT

NAS4104-3-3                      TRI WING SCREW

NAS427K20                         PIN

NAS43DD3-10FC                               SPACER

NAS43DD8-72                    SPACER

NAS450-3                            NUT PLATE

NAS4604-4                          SCREW

NAS4606-3                          TRI WING SCREW

NAS4606-5                          SCREW

NAS509-9                            NUT

NAS514P1032-10                              SCREW

NAS517-2-7                        SCREW

NAS517-3-0                        SCREW

NAS517-3-2                        SCREW

NAS517-4-4                        SCREW

NAS517-4-5                        SCREW

NAS517-4-8                        SCREW

NAS517-5-4                        SCREW

NAS517LFC4-10                 SCREW

NAS517MAC                      SCREW

NAS5604-11                        SCREW

NAS5604-14                        SCREW

NAS560CK3P12                 SCREW

NAS564-15                          SCREW

NAS577-9A                         NUT

NAS577B6A                        FLOATING NUT

NAS577B8A                        LOCKNUT

NAS578-8A                         RETAINER

NAS578-9A                         RETAINER

NAS5903-16                        SCREW

NAS601-7P                          SCREW

NAS602-3P                          SCREW

NAS603-11P                       SCREW

NAS603-20                          SCREW

NAS604-10                          SCREW

NAS604-6                            SCREW

NAS6204-18D                     BOLT

NAS6205L12                       BOLT

NAS628-26                          BOLT

NAS630                                BOLT

NAS6303-11                        BOLT

NAS6303-4                          BOLT

NAS6303-5                          BOLT

NAS6303-8                          BOLT

NAS6603-3                          BOLT

NAS6603-7                          BOLT

NAS6605-3                          BOLT

NAS6610Y-31                     BOLT

NAS67908W                       JET NUT

NAS679A5W                       NUT

NAS679A7W                       NUT

NAS679AW                         NUT

NAS9302B-6-04                 CHERRY RIVET

NAS93190-01                     SWITCH

NASH514P1032-14                           SCREW

NASX428-4                          BOLT

NSA3629-6-10                    TUBE

NSA3629-6-10                    TUBE

NSA5054-3                          NUT

NSA5305-5                          WASHER

NSA5307-9                          WASHER

NSA55182-0A                     BUSHING

NSA8200-16                        PACKING

NSA8200-5                          PACKING

NSA8200-5                          PACKING

NSA8200-6                          PACKING

NSA8200-6                          PACKING

NSA8200-8                          PACKING

NSA8203-133                     PACKING

NSA8203-164                     PACKING

NSA937901E1                     ETIQUETTE

NSA937901E7                     ETIQUETTE

NSA937901E9                     ETIQUETTE

NTA11162V3K16                               SCREW

NTA11354-3CD                  NUT

NTA19251-25C396                            METAL SHEET 100 sqcm

ONL3120-14                        BOLT

ONL3288-2                          SECURITY WASHER

ONL3288-2                          SECURITY WASHER

ONL3531                              GUARDAPOLVO

P01074-101                         LIFE VEST

P01075-111                         LIFE VEST

P0723E105P                        LIFE VEST

PBF20-057-10-43                              BOLT

PD-60                    CAP

PO723E105P                       LIFE VEST

PRP568-336                        PACKING

PW21                    PIPE WRAP

PX53                      REMOVER (5GL)

RCA15-BK1                          DIRECTIONAL GYRO INDICATOR

RCA15-BK1                          DIRECTIONAL GYRO INDICATOR

RG-30                    PACKING

RNA1005TB                         BEARING

ROYCO-756                         HYDRAULIC FLUID

RTV9910                               CATALIYST

S00410334206                    LABEL

S080003A01-01                  INCREASE MTOW MOD

S11210008200                    LABEL

S11210008201                    LABEL

S11210008209                    LABEL

S11210008211                    LABEL

S11210309208                    LABEL

S11210329201                    LABEL

S11210330201                    LABEL

S11310509238                    NO CIGARRETE LABEL

S11310509-260                  LABEL

S11310539-201                  PAPER TOWELS LABEL

S11312320-213                  AIR SICKNESS BAGS LABEL

S1131232220000                               OPEN LABEL

S1131506522300                               ELT LABEL

S1201000800000                               OVERNIGHT LOCKING DEVICES

S124682-5-12-3                 WASHER

S1414-N1                             SUCTION

S2020-2                                FUEL SAMPLER CUP - DRAIN VALVE

S2106-1                                FUEL SAMPLER CUP - DRAIN VALVE

S2210371-3-061                 SPACER

S29180616-20400                              LABEL

S29210038000                    HYDRAULIC HOSE

S292-10038-000                 HOSE

S2921004120000                               NUT

S2931983-30A06                               WASHER

S369WDH7                          CLAMP

S392-DF27                           CLAMP

S4776340-23                       PACKING

S5217651920400                               PIN

S5357841220200                               SLEEVE

S5751007520100                               CAM GUIDE

S5751052120200                               BRACKET

S5751054420000                               SHIM

S65-8262-DC10A                               VHF ANTENNA

S67-2002                              RADIO ALTIMETER ANTENNA

S67-2002                              RADIO ALTIMETER ANTENNA

S730-10033-000                 HOSE

S9026D110                          PACKING

S9026G267                          PACKING

S9028D908                          PACKING

S9413-008WE                     PACKING

SM14-28V-5W                   LAMP

SM28V-20W                       LAMP

SPS81785-12                       BOLT

SR350-1                                OXYGEN BOTTLE

ST3086-013                         PACKING

ST315-2-14                          RESISTOR

ST3367-009                         PACKING

ST3367-009W6                   PACKING

T-1253                   SCREW

T-30-20                 STRAIGHT GEAR CLAMP

TF450-218-430                   SEAL

UT-6D                   MOTOR TRIM

V016                      ELECTRIC ACTUATOR SWITCH

V510                      PROPELLER BLADE

V510                      PROPELLER BLADE

VND8402                             BOLT

VR1528-3                             GENERATOR CONTROL

VX11-PLI-029                     FASTEN SEAL BELT LABEL

W100                     AEROSHELL 2 OIL (1/4GL)

WC-393                                THRUST REVERSE LUBRICANT

WF334552                           FILTER

WF336682                           FUEL FILTER ELEMENT

WK18036                             CONNECTOR

ZPMT14KNH4T1B1B                        CONNECTOR

L944772                                SWITCH

3714791-501                       HIGH VOLTAGE

3718619-2                            MIXER

88000-4102                         CLOCK

622-1181-001                     TRANSCEIVER,VHF,COMM

4013013-913                       VSI

10552E                  FUEL HEATHER

71-062-5                               BUSHING

FE144-030                            ROD END ASSY

C6CFM1227-27                  SHAFT  SPLINED

45087028P0458FC                            FOODTRAY TABLE ASSY

S5411038620100                               FITTING

ST-104Z                                TRANS PRESS OIL

65-26978-4                          PULLEY

088-1031-001                     AUTOPILOT DISENGAGE LIGHT

522709                  NUT-ASSY QUICK DISCONN

154562-10                            ARMAFURE ASSY

2587335-11                         VERTICAL GIRO 311

16-188                   CASE ASSEMBLY

35594-4-255                        DETECTOR,OVERHEAT

S65-1217                              ANTENNA

7T0303                  RING,ROTATING

47-2001-01                          CARTRIDGE

662-0571-010                     TRANSFORMER POWER

K710-22                                SHOCKMOUNT

M446158                              CARTRIDGE

522-2703-011                     ATC TRANSPONDER

76149                    FILTER ELEMENT

7-107801-1                          INSERT

D57971                 END FILLING

00-12662-05                        ROD ASSY

71-276-1                               STUD

TLH56L1840                         CABLE

D5284020420051                               SEAL LH

AE99147G                            COUPLING

10-60725-1052                   LIGHT PLATE

S5751007620000                               GUIDE

622-1195-001                     MOUNT

0108370-30                         CABLE CONTROL ASSY

65-37617-6                          COVER RH LWR

G-5515                  COCKPIT SPEAKER

C6E1051-1                           BRACKET ASSY

3980-40                                BALLASTA

UL10-023ST2                      LOCK RECLINE

36011V08                             FITTING

MS28720-4                          FILTER ASSY HY

4218372                                GASKET

642-0020-901                     ACTUATOR

98D52307525000                               ADJUSTEMENT TOOL

ER783-060406                    TEE

D58183                 BUSH

S5397500820400                               SPRING

216023-3                              RETAINER

SP8252                  ACTUATOR

NTA14251-7                        BEARING

1103-18                110-318                KEY

C6PF1159-27                      REDUCER BUSHING

B42-624                                NUT

65-90305-16                        FILTER KIT

S7618095420000                               PLATE

826-0007-001                     SLIP RING

65-26776-1                          SEAL-TRACK AND ACTR.

D5367008720000                               SIEVE

611R6A                 BASE-STATIC DISCHARGER

K-1029  MIL-H-5606         KIT (O-RING).

6299258-0350                     COUPLING

E0064-178A5-0                  SW PUSHBUTTON

11-10865                              FILTER

66-17207-3                          STRAP

5043-14                                VALVE-RELIEF

3015109                                TERMINAL

C6UM1124-29                    SLEEVE

41173-6                                SEAL

MS20220-2                          PULLEY

PA56547-1                           LOCK LAMP

BACC10CT2-100                                COUPLING

18-77X1-78Z109A                             O'RING

65-90305-14A                     FILTER KIT

382978                  TEARBAND

AE18806E                             FITTINGS ASSEMBLY

841548                  BRACKET

7578137                                FILTER

43706-001                            TRACK FOODTRAY

3024973                                COUPLING F.C.

32TS1-3                                SWITCH

352-1068-010                     DISCRET SEMICOND

849207-1                              BEARING

AN815-4J                             UNION

S5741001020000                               INSERT

MS27641-12                       BEARING BALL

S6839                    LAMP

AJ30-111                              GASKET

919B113-1                           COVER

0F25-021              OF25-021             O'RING

A8970B-5-327                    LAMP

9534572                                WEIGHT BALANCE (0.50 OZ)

AJ30-110                              GASKET

115-201                                INSULATOR

GE1864                 LAMP

794401-1                              SOLID SHIM 0.020"

3612125-1                            GASKET

MS21907-10                       ELBOW

637-0021-001                     BEARING  PITCH  AXIS

262-1396-010                     LAMP

IE8-12S                 SEAL METAL

S-106                     NICKELCADMIO battery

1820                       LAMP

3346                       GUARD

3437                       VALVE ASSY

5421                       TRANSFORMADOR

5517                       STEM ASSEMBLY

5970                       COVER-POLAR

6072                       TORQUE 1/2   600-3000  in/lbs(PROTO)

6072                       TORQUE 1/2   600-3000 in/lbs(PROTO)

7586                       TUBE

7587                       TUBO

8474                       DASH MOUNTING BRACKET

8521                       REDI-SET RIVET SQUEEZERS

8613                       TUBE

9676                       BELL AY

12627                    TRANSFORMER

12965                    TRANSFORMADOR

13622                    COVER

15578                    CONNECTOR LONG

15681                    BAR

16419                    TRANSFORMER

16424                    TRANSFORMER

19484                    PACKING

21950                    TRANSFORMER

22343                    NULON BRUSH

23847                    FITTING

25652                    VALVULA STOP

26178                    O'RING

26622                    RALSIN

41461                    FIELD

42620                    CUP, BEARING, OUTER   NLG

48220                    CUP, BEARING

048656                  RETAINER

57693                    FILTER

57738                    FILTER ELEMENT

79520                    SEAL FACE

80409                    BEARING TEFLON

82028                    GASKET

03-06-2152                          MOLEX CONNECTOR

97036                    BEARING

126368                  SPACER

126477                  DISK ASSEMBLY

145005                  HANDLE, TOP

145008                  SUPPORT, RAIL

151262                  SHAFT

152071                  GEAR ASSY

152541                  ROLLER CLUCTCH

155009                  BASE PLATE

191776                  WASHER

200016                  KNOB

221851                  SHAFT

227469                  BLACK ADJUSMENT

250456                  TRANSFORMADOR

267309                  RING RETAINER

270624                  RING

314020                  FUSE

327630                  TERMINAL

333388                  SEAL

341094                  CUP LOCKING

341102                  PLATE , LOCK

341421                  COVER

393756                  RING RETAINING

415461                  BLOCK LOCKING

454474                  GASKET

463642                  TAPE REGIAJE

472001                  CARTRIDGE

478843                  CAP TANK OIL

488295                  PULLEY

490927                  PACKING

493348                  LINER

495621                  TUBE

507320                  LAMP

515428                  BRACKET

577957                  FUEL HEATER

623862                  BREACKET

644709                  PLATE

660093                  ANTENNA

660093                  ANTENNA - RADIO

668803                  INTERCONE.TUBE

674160                  PLATE

686751                  NUT-SELF- ADJUSTING

0727518                                CABLE

728980                  PLUG

748268                  PIN

750165                  PLATE-INDICATOR-FLUID LEV

762713                  CONNECTOR TUBE

773085                  PLATE

778546                  RUBBER CUSHION

793651                  TUBE ASSY OIL

801533                  PIN SILLA ING.

801772                  GUIDE

802185                  TUBE

802564                  EJE RECL.SILLA PILOTO

804545                  EMPAQUE

841475                  BRAKET

894120                  FIRE DETECTOR

920006                  NUT

950507                  BREAKET

2100599                                PINION ASSEMBLY

2,404,201                             SRNK-TUBE CRTRGE CAL18-22

2404211                                SPLY CRTGE YELOW CAL14-20

2500185                                PAD INSULATOR

2501385                                BRUSH

2554479                                COIL

2555643                                RETAINER

2558177                                SHIM

2593977                                YOKE

3008981                                BRACKET ANGLE

3009478                                COUPLING

3011178                                GRIP RIVET BLIND

3011872                                RAKET FLAT

3012419                                CLEVIS

3017052                                RING RET.

3022334                                PLATE

3022872                                SLEEVE

3024560                                VALVULA  CHECK

3025561                                WASHER

3036024                                INLET AIR PRESSURE TUBE

3037640                                PLATE,ENGINE REF.DATA

3037743                                SENSOR OPTION

3041474                                AIR SEAL

3041487                                R. COVER

3089783                                CLAMP

3107474                                PLATE EXCITER

3273510                                SLEEVE

4019956                                TRANSFORMADOR

4268243                                FORK END

4501628                                GASKET

4,950,003                             CLAMP

5907092                                WASHER

6203594                                FLUX VALVE

7500173                                FILTER ELEMENT

9211157                                ADAPTER BLENDER

9260075                                BATTERY LABEL

9535263                                WEIGHT BALANCE (0.75 OZ)

19205011                             ASHTRAY

32170797                             VALV NEUMATICA

40735003                             PIVOT FITTING

40735004                             PIVOT FITTING

49922005                             COVER SUPERIOR

201056938                           WASHER-TAB

258033380                           UPPER PADDLE

662013100                           TRANSFORMADOR

705061200                           BACKING RING

12041000520                      LAMP

001015-102                         SWITCH UNIT

00-12628-01                        BRACKET

00-12818-01                        BRACKET

00-12858-02                        PLATE SNUBBER

0-100PSI                               MANOMETRO

0-100PSI                               MANOMETRO

011-00013-00                     ANTENNA, GPS, KLN84

01122-408-214                   WASHER, SAFETY

01-140-1107                        BOWL

01-140-1111                        SPRING

01-140-1203                        VALVE GLEED

01-150-0005                        GLASS LIGHT

015067S5-16D                    COUPLING

01571-121-248                   TENSION WHEEL

0-200                     MANOMETRO ASHCROFT

0-200                     MANOMETRO ASHCROFT

02-06-1103                          MOLEX CON PIN FEMALE

02-642-1                               BRUSH

038498-31                            FILTER

054-1011-008                     LIGHT PASS CAB DUCT OVHT

0571-547-244                     SQUARE BELT

0-600PSI                               PRESS IND.

073-00629-0001                 BRACKET,CONNET GPS KLN89

09102-124                            END CAP GRAY

0923-21                                SET SCREW

09916Q6                               SEAL

09-9614-01                          BRACKET

0L-30702IBPE                     LAMP

100083-117                         STUD

10-0291-1                            LAMP

100SP10-0003                    EARPAD

101-00211                            PRESSURE TESTER

10101000C-A                      VALVE ASSY-DRAIN

1012-1                   PIN HANDRIL

10-1722                                RELAY-BATTERY CHARGE

103-2104                              SWITCH

10-60516-39                        BUSHING

10-60516-63                        BEARING

10-60516-78                        BUSHING

10-60516-91                        BUSHING

10-60545-103                     BEARING

10-60545-104                     BEARING

10-60545-111S                   BEARING

10-60545-127A                  BEARING

10-60545-201S                   BEARING

10-60545-201SA                                BEARING

10-60725-1106                   LIGHT ASSY

10-60779-106                     BEARING SELF

10-60779-108                     BEARING

10-60779-201                     BEARING

10-60800-1                          FLEX DUCT

10-60834-52                        SEAL

10-60846-1                          HOSE ASSY

10-61899-8                          BUSHING

1095-076                              PISTON

1095-086                              INSERT

1103-046                              PISTON

1103-055                              INSERT

1103-056                              INSERT

1103-096                              INSERT

1103-097                              INSERT

1103-099                              PACKING

1103-15                                RETAINER

110-329                                WHIP ANTENNA (ELT 406) (NEW)

11-0371-1                            COVER

1110-15                                PISTON

1111-577053                       VALVE

1111-588214                       VALVE

11-39027                              PIN

11-39828                              PIN

11-39829A                           PIN

11-39830A                           PIN

1142002-4                            STUD

115564-1                              GASKET

115AT24                               SWITCH

1-16-7X7                              CABLE STAINLESS

120MB                  LAMP

121-08                   SCUTCHEON

121283-1                              ALL STRAY

12-18085                              PLACARD

125-0014                              TERMOSTATO

125-600-028                        GUIDE SPRING

125-640                                DOOR FRONT

126LTI-602                           AISLADOR

127-1036-2                          BUSHING

127-13084                            CONNECTOR

127-4004                              CABLE AY

127-6003-2                          SHIM

12765G-03                           MICROPHONE BOOM

127-8014-2                          BUSHING

127-8058-1                          STOP

1280-06                                LAMP

1340422-112                       SPIRAL SPRING

13625-3                                GUARD

14-346                   CAP-PORT

150-22-12                            FLANGE

154368-1                              SHAFL ACTUADOR

154560-2                              BEARING

155092-4                              GEAR ASSY

155530-1                              GEAR ASSY

155872-1                              GEAR ASSY

15AT17                 SWITCH

160-10604-800                   WASHER

160-10781-190                   CRANKED SPINDLE ASSY

16730-1                                FAN VANEAXIAL

170-11408-971                   MOUNTING BEARIN

170-11419-090                   DROPBAR

170390-004                         SWITCH

1711898-1                            TRANSFORMADOR

1712009-1                            TRANSFORMADOR

1712997-2                            LIMITER

173131-AV-70                    DUAL SEAT CABLE

1-75343-11                          SOPORTE

179543-1                              VALVE-DRAIN

191009-1                              INSULATION HALF

191009-2                              INSULATION HALF

191011-1                              INSULATION HALF

191012-1                              INSULATION HALF

191012-2                              INSULATION HALF

191035-2                              INSULATION FALF

19-9357-01                          CORE

1QF2-3-64C                         CONNECTOR

201-120741-00-0                               RIVET

2024D3                 DOARD  CLIP

203-2673039                       FRENOS

2038-0095                            BOTTON COVER

2038939-0501                     DISC RETAIN

20475-31-1495                   LIGHT

2088154-33                         RELAY

2100164-0                            VALVE NEEDLE

218-0027-901                     VANE ASSEMBLY

218-0027-902                     VANE ASSEMBLY, ROLL

21911-52                              HOOK

22338-51A-680-100                          FITTING H.D.

22445-1                                WASHER-BOWED, SPRING

22719BC060012L                               PIN

22FT1032                             NUT

23-56                     STOP

2385-2CN246                      TWINSERT OUTER INSERT

2391-3CN380                      TWINSERT OUTER INSERT

240-2715-490                     INDUCTOR FIXED

24098-450                            SLEEVE

241-0570-020                     FILTER

2422-257-35512                 PARLANTE T.

2452-054RET                       RETAINEL BAR.

24929-501                            INDICADOR ALTIMETRO

2503542-3                            TERMINAL

25-0419-23                          LENS

2504832-3                            CLAMP

25-0559-21C                       LENS

250-CP-1-2                          CARTRIDGE

250W-32                              LAMP

2510144440-05                  ARMCAP

2510154852-00                  COVER SEAT BACK

2550-0001-0000                 RECEPTACLE

2553653-3                            COLLECTRON

255SP162-06                       CORD ASSY

25873335-11                       GYRO,VERTICAL

262-1413-010                     LAMP

262-2067-000                     LAMP,INCANDESCENT

266-5321-060                     KIT OF 6 PIECE

266-6034-000                     SW PUSH

27-681038-7                        GASKET

279A6EE                               VALVE CHECK

288-2154-000                     SPACER

2913348-503                       PLATE

29-20                     SCREW

293-1261-010                     FILTER

293-1302-010                     FILTER

293-1303-010                     FILTER

294-03223                            CABLE

2N711A                                TRANSISTOR A7Q14

300-712-1                            HEATER

301-1180                              EMERGENCY POWER SUPPLY

301-2000                              EMERGENCY POWER SUPPLY

3017-2                   LINK

3034652A                             PROBE

30413-01-199                     SOCKET

30413-11-068                     CAP, "DOORS"

30413-11-206                     CAP,"NGEAR"

30413-11-207                     CAP,"R GEAR"

30413-11-209                     CAP

306-2293-000                     TERMINAL,STANDOFF

306-2519-030                     TERMINAL,STUD

309-1325-01                        BEARING

309-1568-000                     BEARING

3101284-02                         TUBE HOLE STRAIGHT ADAPT

3101474-0                            WASHER

31-040-9                               DIGITAL LEVEL

3104246-01                         SEAL

3105414-02                         TUBE

31-0844-1                            WIRE ROPE ASSY

3108745-01B                       TAPA

3110879-01                         DUCT

3113507-01                         PLATE

3113508-01                         PLATE

3116106-01                         PLATE LOCK

3116107-01                         PLATE

3117451-01                         PLATE LOCK

31-2769-1                            INSULATOR

3-16X1-2AC                         SCREW CAB UN RF

318-630-1001-197                             LIGHT ASSY BLUE

318-630-1001-199                             SOCKET

320-322                                EPOXY ADHESIVE

3-3141-54                            PIVOT

334-0486-000                     NUT, SQUARE

341-67                   PLATE LOCKING

351-1071-060                     CIRCUIT INTEGR METALICO

35201-7                                ELBOW-CONNECTOR-BULK

35240406-1                         OUTLET-DISCHARGE

35301-75                              CABLE-ELECTRICAL INTERCON

353-8501-010                     DIODE 

3555-2-255                          SENSING ELEMENT

35680-2-255                        DETECTOR,OVERHEAT

3591-4CN0500                   INSERT

35WX24V                             RESISTOR

3612631-4                            GASKET

371-15                   GEAR

371-16                   SHAFT

371-20B                                GEAR SETTING

3713133-501                       PITCH ERROR

3714761-501                       CIRCUIT CARD

3718429-2                            DIODE CRYSTAL

3718460-239                       CAPACITOR

3718670-1                            TRANSFORMADOR

3718680-5                            CIRCUITO INTEG.

3718728-1                            GEAR HEAD ASSY

3718731-1                            TRANSFORMER

376816-2                              SHIM

376816-3                              SHIM

381-1724-380                     RESISTOR

392161-001                         SCREW SHAFT

393026-03236                     INDICATOR,QTY,FUEL

398401-188                         SPACER

398401-286                         SPACER

398401-297                         SPACER

3A063-0103                         LEVER CONTROL

3L6300-2MA                       ACTUATOR

3YR565                  BEARING-NEEDLE TCK ROLLER

40009-3                                DISCONNECT ASSY-QUICK.

4019565-102                       CURSOR INDICATOR, GREEN

4019565-103                       CURSOR INDICATOR, RED

4040700PV137400                            TRIM STRIP ASSY

40516-4A                             STUD

4067487-901                       PRESSURE TRANSDUCER MODULE

4067487-901                       PRESSURE TRANSDUCER MODULE

40-83512                              COUPLING DRIVE

41293-310                            CONNECTOR ASSY

41742A                 HOUSING BEARING

450C75-790M                     CLAMP

45-196                   TUBE

45290-1                                SEAT ASSEMBLY

490-200                                SEAL

497-0008                              BEARING

4L93-388                              NEEDLE

4W0002                                NUT

500690-11                            CONTROL FOLDING

5024CA                 CUP

504-0021-9053                   INDICADOR HORIZONTE

50-5                       LOCK

50-637                   IDENTIFICATION PLATE MLG

507-0020-902                     IND TURNAND SLIP

50-8215T-301                     MICROPHONE

522-4088-001                     VHF/COMM

5332H-T00L                         COPA 6 PT. DE 1"CUADR.1/2

5334D01                               PARLANTES

540978A                               CABLE ASSY EGT

544-0632-002                     ARM SWITCH

544-0650-002                     GEAR STOP ASSY

545-7521-003                     WASHER

551-1                     PAD,BACK PLATE.BRAKE MLG

5511-00                                WASHER-FLAT

55514-73E                            LAMP

55D259-001                         SHIELD GALLEY FLOURESCENT

56148-350-B                       CLAMP

56-965                   RETAINER.    BRAKE MLG

5806-020                              ROD-GRADUATED

5807-010                              ROD GRADUATED

59167-1                                PLATE

5ARM300-5C                      TENSOR AISLADOR

5S7-6                     STUD

5W1031                                SPACER

601000-4-0120                   HOSE

601-4498-001                     POWER DETECTOR

6020A                    TORQUE 3/4" 90-600  ft/LB (PROTO)

6020A                    TORQUE 3/4" 90-600  ft/LB (PROTO)

6020A                    TORQUE 3/4" 90-600 ft/LB (PROTO)

603-1256-103                     SCREW NEW

6042H-21                             RELAY

605-0059-001                     NUT

6066B                    TORQUE 3/8    100-1000 in/lbs (PROTO)

609-4890-001                     BEARING

61000500-120-0                 BUSHING, BREAKOVER

618-0021-901                     VANE ROLL

618-0021-902                     VANE ROLL

618-4088-006                     LAMP

62-0232-5                            BLEW CHAMBER

6203-2Z                                BEARING

621-9916-001                     RETAINER PARA TUBO DME

622-0015-004                     INSERT,LIGHTING

624-0018-001                     BUSHED

624128-12D-0100                              HOSE

629-8856-001                     SHIM

630-1001-015                     CAP

630-1001-229                     CAP-"STAR VALVE OPEN"

63-10542                              KEY

63-1441-1                            SHOE.

63-2539                                PIN

63-2546                                LINK B-727

63-2552                                SHAFT B-727

63-2554                                SPRING

63-2626                                KNOB

634-0192-001                     SHAFT

634-0193-001                     SCREW

637-0004-002                     BEARING

637-0011-001                     BEARING

637-0078-001                     SHAFT

63-9316                                PIN

64-1                       BALLAST

642-0019-901                     ACTUATOR PITCH

64-50000A                           SCRAPPER

647-6843-005                     POWER SUPPLY

647-6843-005                     POWER SUPPLY

648-0145-901                     INDICATOR ROLL

649-371-012                        CLAMP

650-59-1                               SPRING CUP HOLDER

65-16277-14                        FITTING LEADING EDGE RH

65-16277-17                        FITTING LEADING EDGE LH

65-16701-61                        TUBE ASSY

65-16720-51                        ROD

65-16876-44                        LOCKING PLATE

65-17241-23                        STIFFENER

65-17349-4                          CRANK AY

65-17352-6                          ANGLE FLIGHT

65-17352-8                          ANGLE FLIGHT

65-17568-5                          CLAMP

65-17568-7                          HOUSING

65-17601-13                        PLATE

65-17601-14                        PLATE

65-18626-4                          SCUFF ASSY AFTER

65-19677-3                          SEGURO PUERTA

65-19677-4                          SEGURO PUERTA

65-19684-7                          ENGINE DOME

65-19685-4012                   SUPPORT

65-19685-4013                   SUPPORT

652-0032-901                     MOTOR

65-21631-293                     EACH

65-21655-313                     BRACKET

65-21656-125                     BRACKET-HINGE.

65-21658-390                     SEAL

65-21753-502                     HINGE

65-21871-132                     ANGLE

65-23312-2                          CLAMP

65-23540-10                        BLOQUE GUIA

65-23601-3                          SOPORTE

65-23602-3                          ACTUATOR

65-23799-2                          QUADRANT-CABLE GROOVES.

65-24585-28                        TUBE ASSY

65-24733-1                          DRUM AY

65-24747-2                          DOOR AY

65-25576-7                          CLIP

65-26212-9                          DUCT ASSY COOLER

65-26273-5                          BREACKET

65-26363-1                          SOPORTEACTUADOR

65-26756-1                          SEAL

65-26756-11                        SEAL

65-26756-12                        SEAL

65-26756-15                        SEAL

65-26756-16                        SEAL

65-26756-17                        SEAL

65-26756-18                        SEAL

65-26756-2                          SEAL

65-26756-21                        SEAL

65-26756-22                        SEAL

65-26756-5                          SEAL

65-26756-9                          SEAL

65-26992-2                          SOPORTE

65-27870-801                     LINK(SUPPORT)

65-29193-4                          FITTING

65-29194-6                          FITTING

65-29374-508                     TUBE

65-29389-13                        PLATE

65-29612-25                        RETAINER

65-29612-26                        RETAINER RH

65-29612-37                        RETAINER FWD-LH

65-29612-38                        RETAINER FWD-RH

65-29612-39                        RETAINER AFT LH

65-29612-40                        RETAINER

65-29612-41                        RETAINER MD LH

65-29966-6                          HARNING STRAP

65-29966-7                          STRAP

65-29995-2                          ARMASSY

65-29996-4                          SPIGOT LOWER

65-31493-41                        DOOR AY

65-36712-3                          DEPRESOR

65-37617-5                          COVER LH LWR

65-37815-2                          BRAZO ACTUADOR

65-37824-3                          BRACKET

65-37896-12                        TUBE AY

65-37900-1                          LINK AY

65-40530-1                          SOPORTE

65-41334-14                        ROD ASSY

65-5458-2                            NUT

65-56160-3                          PLATE

65-59893-6                          SEAL

65-59927-3                          SHAFT

65-59929-2                          QUADRANT ASSY

65-60208-1                          TIE FITTING

65-64534-13                        FITTING.ROLLER CAM LWR

65-65972-3                          PLATE ASSY

65-65973-3                          BRACKET ASSY

65-68529-6                          SEAL

657-0069-901                     SPRING ACTUADOR

65-72718-3                          SHIM

65-72732-10                        SHIM, LAM 0.093

65-72732-11                        SHIM, SOLID 0.125

65-72732-9                          SHIM, LAM 0.062

65-74746-4                          FITTING

65-78764-1                          HANDLE LATCH

65-82864-1                          CRANK ENG œ 2 PWR CONTROL

65-90305-28                        FILTER KIT-FOR D CHECK

65-90305-41                        FILTER KIT

65-91076-1                          CAP END KID

65-95893-1                          SEAL

65C14891-4                         SEAL

65C19901-1                         LATCH ASSY-DOOR MOUNTED.

65C20471-1                         NET ASSY

65C23285-1                         TUBE VENT

65C27177-3                         KIT OF 2 PIECES

65C36578-1                         TOP KIT

66-0129-1                            CAP

66-10905-9                          HINGE ASSY

66-11764-3                          KEY

66-12096-4                          BUMPER RUBBER

66-12156-1                          WASHER LOCK

66-12229-3                          LINK AY

66-12251-1                          SUPPORT

66-12405-1                          BUSHING

66-12480-1                          SLEEVE

66-12482-2                          BEARING

66-13205-2                          NUT

66-13209-1                          SEAL

66-13283-1                          SUPPORT

66-13289-1                          WASHER

66-13585-1                          BUSHING

66-13585-2                          BUSHING

66-13676-1                          PLATE-BEARING RETAINER.

66-13685-3                          BUSHING

66-13857-2                          HINGE

66-14222-1                          stop

66-14525-4                          PIN HINGE

66-15166-23                        DOOR ACT CABLE

66-15380-1                          BLOCK

66-15384-1                          BLOCK

66-15453-8                          SPRING

66-15484-2                          BUSHING

66-15975-1                          WASHER

66-16151-2                          PLATE

66-16390-1                          WASHER

66-17136-1                          RETAINER

66-17157-2                          BEARING

66-17163-2                          PIN

66-17209-3A                       SPOL

66-17262-1                          SPACER

66-17869-2                          SUPPORT

66-17933-2                          CLIP

66-17938-1                          FITTING TAILSKI

66-17940-1                          FITTING TAILSKI

66-17966-1                          SUPPORT

66-18180-1                          BUSHING

66-18305-2                          FITTING

66-19114-2                          SHIM

66-19125-3                          ECCENTRIE

66-19125-4                          ECCENTRIE

66-19149-1                          SPACER

66-19188-1                          HANDLE

66-19955-1                          SHIM FORWARD TRUN JOURNAL

66-19955-2                          SHIM FORWARD TRUN JOURNAL

66-19955-3                          SHIM FORWARD TRUN JOURNAL

66-20701-4                          LEVER AY

66-21461-1                          BRACKET

66-21821-2                          PAD DOWN STOP-ADJUSTABLE

66-21847-3                          STOP

66-22693-6                          CAM ASSY-FXD WG LE HINGED

66-23493-1                          ADAPTER

66-23571-6                          SLEEVE

66-23688-1                          SHROUD

66-4261                                CAP ASSSY

6644-2R03X1025                               SWITCH

66-4740-1                            LEVER

682007004-1                       LAMP-WARNING

69-10463-2                          PLATE

69-11281                              HANGERS SUPPORT

69-14143-3                          FITTING

69-14179-1                          ROD ASSY

69-14420-9                          BEARING

69-15982-1                          ROD END

69-16521-1                          NIPPLE

69-17123-1                          DOOR

69-17748-3                          CARTRIDGE

69-17834-27                        LINK ASSY

69-17880-2                          BREAKET

69-17969-2                          RETAINER

69-18194-5                          SUPPORT

69-18394-5                          PLATE ASSY

69-18961-2                          LACTH

69-18999-5                          ROD ASSY

69-1983                                CAP

69-20326-12                        FLAY AY

69-20782-7                          BUSHING

69-20854-3                          SPRING

69-21178-3                          BUSHING

69-21182-5                          LINK ASSY

69-22192-1                          BRACKET ASSY-FW WIRE BDL

69-22209-1                          HOOK LH

69-22459-5                          CLAMP

69-22799-1                          INSERT FIRE

69-22799-2                          SEAL

69-23308-1                          LATCH ASSY LH

69-24266-1                          COVER

69-24284-13                        LANYARD

69-24284-14                        LANYARD ASSY

69-24284-6                          CORD

69-24438-4                          HINGE

69-24457-1                          LANYARD

69-25882-950                     AILERON ASSY

69-26506-1                          ACTUATOR ASSY

69-27854-1                          FITTING

69-28412-1                          ROD

69-28480-19                        SEAL

69-28484-22                        SEAL

69-29835-3                          BUSHING

69-30178-1                          FITTING

69-30251-4                          VALVE

69-33301-7                          WASHER

69-33337-1                          LINK NID FLAP

69-33655-3                          ROD

69-39601-2                          BEAM, LINK SUPPORT.

69-39608-1                          ECCENTRIC

69-39608-2                          ECCENTRIC-REAR.

69-39608-3                          ECCENTRIC-REAR

69-39608-4                          ECCENTRIC

69-43709-1                          CLIP-ADJUSTING.

69-45230-1                          SHAFT

69-47673-2                          SUPPORT TIEDOWN

69-50286-1                          HOOK

695063A                               EJE FUSIBLE CSD

69-51495-502                     BUSHING

69-53720-3                          LINK

69-54006-1                          SOPORTES

69-54435-2                          COVER

69-55310-1                          FITTING

69-56508-5                          SHIM

69-57602-1                          BUSHING

69-58715-1                          BRACKET

69-61868-4                          ROD ASSY

69-63525-2                          BRACKET

69-65414-1                          SOCKET

69-65892-4                          BRACKET.

69-66708-22                        CABLE

69-66966-2                          SUPPORT

69-68036-1                          DOWNSTOP-LONG

69-68036-2                          DOWNSTOP

69-68855-1                          VALVE ASSY-WATER DRAIN.

69-68924-1WE                   BEARING

69-70843-1                          LATCH ASSY

69-71326-4                          HINGE HALF ASSY

69-71638-3                          WASHER

69-71638-5                          WASHER

69-71638-6                          WASHER

69-74550-1                          STIFFENER

69-9165-4                            MOUNT AY

6F2150                  VALVE

6NBF817YJ005B                 BEARING

6PH135N                              NUT

70-000600A045-0                              FRAME EDGINE

7000130-118                       HEADER STRAIGHT

7000130-120                       HEADER STRAIGHT

7002851-8                            CONNECTOR HOUS.

7003455-902                       FILTER,LIGHT,COATED

701P3-8                                HANDLE

7049-351A                           LIMPIA CABEZAS

705-0985-000                     RESIST 590 OHMIOS   1/8W

7-0557-1                               PISTON

70-60575-2                          VALVE

70A5700006C0160                            HOSE

7-105309-1                          ROD END

7-107907-1                          SWITCH ARM

71-114-1                               CAP

715ASI5                                LAMP

716-0180-002                     FILTER

718115-24                            GASKET

728800-50                            BODY AY

7327MT952T                       RING ASSY

7336MT952T                       RING ASSY

73386-41819                       TRANSFORMADOR

740-0012-101                     SHIM

740-0012-121                     SHIM

740-0012-127                     SHIM

740-0271-501                     SEAL

740-2001-515                     RETAINER

747-5366-000                     RESISTOR

75-000510-001-0                               ATTACH, BELT

750720-1                              CLAMP

7591669-001                       FILTER ELEMENT

768-3401-01                        KEY WAY

7725535-2                            BEARING RACE

775712-1                              TUBE

77-KI-0084                           KIT OF 3 PIECE

782299-11                            SPACER

782299-16                            SPACER

785403-1                              PLUG

789586-1                              RING

789587-1                              SPRING

791-0937-002                     GEAR

791-8269-001                     COVER

791-8512-002                     GERA SHAFT

791-8515-001                     KNOB

794339-16                            SPACER

7C31-1AA                            CLAMP

800209-01                            COMPENSATOR

81001-34                              UNION

810861-1                              SLEEVE

814755-1                              CAP ASSEMBLY

81590-8013                         SWITCH

817-0011-001                     TERMINAL TURRET

829468-1                              HINGE SECTION.

833427-2                              ARM - (LH)

8400-040-00-10                 TRANSFORMER

855240-1                              LIGHT

855890C                               LEN SHOLDER

857910-1                              FILTER BASKET

8731PK                 REPAIR PARTS KITS

87521-3                                OIL COOLER

8819K53                               SLEEVE PACKING

8D111                    VALVE

8DJ81LXG                            INDICATOR TACK

8DJ81WBG-4                      INDICADOR (ATR)

900005-003                         SCREW SET

900-04034-000                   PIN 2 X 7

902010-004                         SHIM MYLAR

9020A0003-01                    RING-WIPER

9026A0025-01                    FILTER

9028-05 (0-30 PSI)                            INDICADOR DE PRESION

9028D52-1                           END BELL ASSEMB

90302A114                          QUICK RELEASE PIN

90302A213                          QUICK RELEASE PIN

9063-1                   RIVET

908D049                               COVER

917B598-1                           INSULATOR

921B826-1                           SUPPORT

9224-4487                            RELAY

9229-215                              RING SEAL

92384A035                          QUICK RELEASE PINS

9255N-140                           SPACER

9300-128-01                        BEARING

9300-136M                          COVER

9300-151                              PRESSURE PAD

9300-A020                           RECORD AMPLIF.

957C150-1                           SHAFT

965-3000-008                     CURRENT DETECTOR

976761-2                              SHIM

98466A011                          STAINLESS STEL

98-9234-02                          WASHER  STEP

98S76000006000                               HMU ADJUSTING TOOL

98S76000006000                               HMU ADJUSTING TOOL

9EL406525-00                     LENS

9EL406526-00                     LENS

9EL406527-00                     LENS

9EL406528-00                     LENS

9GD407424-10                   BUNG, RUBBER

9SG405540-00                    HANDLE

9XB401408-00                    COVER

9XB402433-00                    PLATE

A1186211                             LAMP

A1274BT                               SWITCH

A26B8904-2                        TRANSFOR

A3411400020200                               GASKET

A367-1                  LENS

A4105-01                             TRUNNION

A5399-100                           NUT

A6309                    MICROPHONE

A7934                    RETAINER

A-800H3-1                           SWITCH  CTL

A8-20                    CLAROSTAT

A8401-1                                WASHER

A8404A4                              WORM WHEEL AND HUB ASSY

A8418-2                                BRAKET SUPPORT

A8966-2                                GASKET,PLUG BEACON LIGHT

A9919-1                                SPRING,STABLZR-BCN LIGHT

ABS0367-020                      STUD

ABS0368-01                        RECEPTACLE

ABS0629-01                        SLEEVE

ABS0691-070                      STUD

ABS0696X2-2-10                               STUD

AC8716F1                            FILTER ELEMENT

AC9780F-15                        FILTER ELEMENT

ADNE5-202                         BEARING

AE3660130E0410                               HOSE

AE99118E                             COUPLING

AE99149E                             COUPLING

AEN8-1                 SWITCH

AGS3900                              GASKET

AML-718                              LAMP

AN115-8                               SHACKLE

AN173-5A                            BOLT

AN310-8                               NUT

AN3167-1                            ACTUATOR, SW

AN320-9                               NUT

AN320C6                              NUT

AN320C8                              NUT

AN3-33                 BOLT

AN363-820                          NUT

AN364-720                          NUT

AN4-11                 BOLT

AN4-21                 BOLT

AN509-416R23                   SCREW

AN525-8R14                       SCREW

AN530-4R4                          SCREW

AN6204-1                            VALVE BLEEDER

AN6227B-3                          PACKING

AN6289-10                          NUT

AN6289-6                            NUT

AN66953RH                        TURNBUCKLE

AN669-L6L                           TURNBUCKLE

AN669L6R4                         TURNBUCKLE

AN669-S3LH                       TURNBUCKLE

AN669-S3RH                       TURNBUCKLE

AN735-32                            CLAMP

AN776-4D                            ELBOW

AN814-4CL                          PLUG AND BLEEDE

AN814-8JL                           PLUG AND BLEEDER

AN815-6C                            UNION

AN818-5D                            NUT

AN819-5D                            MANGA TUB.

AN819-6                               SLEEVE

AN819-6                               SLEEVE

AN822-4D                            ELBOW 90

AN824-4D                            TEE

AN829-12                            CAP

AN901-12A                         GASKET

AN919-7D                            RETAINER

AN924-6D                            NUT

AN935-4L                             WASHER

AN960C416L                       WASHER

AN960PD916                      WASHER

AN960XC616                      WASHER

AN960XC8                           WASHER

AS125271                             RIVET

AS150174                             GASKET

AS15782                               WIRE

AS3208-09                           PACKING

AS3209-026                         PACKING

AS3209-130                         PACKING, PREFORMED

AS3209-135                         O´RING

AS3209-141                         PACKING

AS3209-212                         PACKING

AS3209-230                         PACKING

ASNA0033-028                  CLAMP

ASNA-0220                         INSERT

ASNA2000T4D9                 BOLT

ASNA2000V4D9                                BOLT

ASNA2001T3-5                  SCREW

ASNA2027V3-5                  BOLT

ASNA2027VBV3-4                            BOLT

ASNA2056-02                     STUD

ASNA2105-00                     HINGE

ASNA2130-04                     PULLEY

ASNA2130-10                     PULLEY

ASNA2153-01                     LATCH

ASNA2163A28C                 LATCH

ASNA2281                           EXTRUCCION

ASNA2301-01                     MAGNET

ASNA2340-02                     STUD

ATF20                    BEARING

ATF20-005B                        BEARING (TORRINGTON)

ATF8-005B                           BEARING

B02-5203                              BOMBILLOS TECHO

B27-72-011-01                   TUBE ASSY-ENG.NOSE COWL

BA15S                   LAMP


BAC 10-60954-1                 BUS PROTECTOR PANEL  T521

BACB10A223L                    BEARING

BACB10A28DD                   BEARING

BACB10A436E                    BEARING

BACB10A455                      BEARING

BACB10A457                      BEARING

BACB10A821                      BEARING

BACB10B257-R                  BEARING

BACB10BH211CF5                            BEARING

BACB10BH60TK6                               BEARING

BACB10BH62TK6                               BEARING

BACB10BN04                      BEARING

BACB10BN06                      BEARING

BACB10BP08                      BEARING

BACB10C238H                    BEARING

BACB10C238HM                               BEARING

BACB10CF12PP                 BEARING

BACB10CF14PP                 BEARING

BACB10ET08                       BEARING

BACB10W3TM                   BEARING

BACB30BG4C                     BOLT

BACB30FM8A5                  HI-LOK

BACB30FN5-2                    HI-LOK

BACB30JC5-5                      HI-LOCK

BACB30LU4-14                  BOLT

BACC10BN262L5ME                        CLAMP

BACC10BR2125                  RETAINER

BACC10BU27DF                                CLAMP

BACC10CD32                      CLAMP

BACC10DK20                      CLAMP

BACC10DS3                         CLAMP

BACC10EP9                         CLAMP

BACC13AA3T27-472                        CABLE

BACC13AA3T27-501                        CABLE

BACC13AA3T27-57                           CABLE AY

BACC13AA3T37-321                        CABLE

BACC13AP3D820                              CABLE AY

BACC13AP3E377                               CABLE AY

BACC13AP4E2805                             CABLE ASSY (RH)

BACC18U3                           CIRCUIT BRAKE

BACC2A4B03323FG                         CABLE

BACC2A4B03323FG                         CABLE

BACC30K8                           COLLAR

BACC30M14                       COLLAR

BACC30R12                         COLLAR

BACC30R8                           COLLAR

BACC45FN22-55PE                           CONNECTOR

BACC45FN22-55PE                           CONNECTOR

BACC47CP1S                      CONTACT,SOCKET

BACD40B6-17-4-5                             DUCT

BACD40B8-30-5-2                             DUCT

BACD40D28-20-22                            DUCT

BACD40D8-14-4                                DUCTO

BACG20X2                           GROMMET

BACH30AT08R0184                          HOSE

BACH5S0074EVF                               HOSE

BACJ40K7A7A6                  JUMPER

BACL10AG1                        LATCH

BACM10N2EAN                                LABEL SPEEED BRAKE

BACM10N4AD                   PLACARD

BACM10V2ASZ                  PLACARD

BACN106W5A                    NUT

BACN10FD65                      NUT

BACN10FX61                      NUT

BACN10JC18CD                 NUT

BACN10YD2                        NUT

BACP18BC02C06P                            PIN-COTTER

BACP30F11                         PULLEY

BACR12BE112                    PACKING

BACR15CE5D11                 BACR15CE5D11

BACR15FT9AD8                 RIVET

BACR24N2L81                    ROD AY

BACR24N6AL65                 ROD

BACS11AA329                    SEAL

BACS21DX3                         FASTENER

BACS21Y5BC                       STUD

BACS21Y7BC                       STUD ASSY

BACS21Y8CF                       STUD

BACS40B21-108                 SHIM

BACS40B22-108                 SHIM

BACS40R010E18F                              SHIM

BACS40R09C35F                                PLATE

BACS40R35C92F                                PLATE

BCREF0057                          CABLE ASSY

BCREF0180                          CABLE ASSY

BMS13-S1T1C1AW622                    CABLE

BQMV17R                           BALL

BZ-3YDT                               FLAP CONTROL MICRO. SW

C14-1                     CABLE SEAT FOLD

C18187-003                         CONNECTOR

C2-1003                                SWITCH

C63801                  SPRING

C6CE1051-1                         ROD TENSION

C6CEM1375-27                  PULLEY

C6CF1055-1                         PLATE  ASSY SIDE

C6CF1214-2                         LEVER ASSY-BRAKE RH

C6CFM1243-27                  HANDWHEEL  RUDDER

C6EC1129-27                      ANGLE LOWER

C6EC1135-27                      ANGLE FITTING

C6FF1779-17                       STRAP

C6FF2236-61                       PLATE ROLLER

C6FS1242-61                       PLATE DOOR

C6FS2119-29                       BRACKET DOOR S

C6FS2307-27                       SPRIING LATCH

C6FS2550-29                       TRACK

C6H1001-83                        TUBE ASSY

C6L1034-39                         TUBE ASSY

C6PF1098-29                      GASKET

C6W1009-27                       SHIM

C6WM1033-27                   STUD

C9PF1060-3                         PIPE  ASSY

CBM-10-3-N-1-40-V1                      MANDREL

CD4011BF                            TRANSFORMER

CD93RCB2810                    LAMP

CE2-2                     CURREN HOLDER

CE2-21                  CAP

CE2-4                     PIVOT

CL1020                  HANDLE

CMB-718AS-15                  LAMP

CR7311-06-03                     MAXIBOLT

CR7311-6-5                         MAXI-BOLT

CS-18                     BATTERY PACK

CSP73-7                                WASHER

CT97A                   VALVE

CYLZ3230                             BOX CONTROL

D1859-23                             SEAL

D1N47245X1-75                                RING STOP

D23572000                          HARNESS SWITCH

D42437-P1                           TIMER

D5281007020000                               SEAL LH

D5284020420151                               SEAL RH

D53110480200                   SEAL LEFT

D5331008420000                               CLAMP SPRING

D5335002520000                               SEAL (LH)

D5358505020200                               SECTION-SEALING

D54409                 COVER

D56816                 NUT WHEEL AXLE

D5754053020600                               SEALT

D5764002521400                               SEAL

D61272                 PIN

D62012                 SPACER

DHC-SC70025-23                               LAMP

DIN553M3X10C                 PIN HARE ADED

DM3143001                        BLANKET

DME860EZ                           OSCILATOR

DMNI-7                                ANTENNA

DPR32-34P                          CONNECTOR

DQ-72                   TRANSFORMADOR

DSC4-3                  BEARING

DSC57-10                             FRAMESIZE

DSC57-4                               FRAME SIZE TYPE3

E0262DK20C                       WIRE,1 CONDUCTOR AWG 20

E0276CC4FE                        PUSH BUTTON

E0279-29                              CAP

E0279-45                              CAP

E0295BJ01FL                       JACK

E0408F16                             BOOT

E0430-03                              CAP

E0448B1N                            COVER

E0510-01                              LAMP

E0512A08                             RETAINER

E0512A10                             RETAINER

E0512A12                             RETAINER

E0512A14                             RETAINER

E0512A16                             RETAINER

E0512A18                             RETAINER

E0512A20                             RETAINER

E0512A22                             RETAINER

E1X5                      PIN

ECG4049B                            CIRCUIT

ER804D060604                   UNION

ES20                       SLIDE

EVTA242F60                       BELL MAUT.INTAK

F1101-1                                THERMOCOUPLE

FDC5900-46-4T                  BELT SEAT

FMS3E5-3K                         ROD END

FPTN404781R0002                           TARGET

FPTN404781R0003                           TARGET

FRS39701-2                         WASHER

G69-18962-5                       SPRING

GA60038                              BOX ASSY

GA62227                              PIPE ASSY

GA62228                              PIPE ASSY

GATR42-04                          SEAL

GE303                   LAMP

GE306                   LAMP

GE310                   LAMP

GE311                   LAMP

GE330                   LAMP

GE64                      LAMP

GEPR12                                LAMP

GM1032V                            TRANSFOR

GT140                   GRID-INLET

H10-1026-1                         SWITCH

H10-1027-1                         SWITCH

H1375AAD                           GASKET

H2456K2432-130-160                      LATCH ASSY

H3-1056-1                            BRACKET

H3187-1                                LATCH

H396-55                                LATCH

H681-8C                               RIVET GUN

HIX-3-64                               TERMOFIT 3/64

HL111VA26-2                     MAXBOLT

HPD9-21047-1                    LENS

HRT3CF7                              BEARING

JG298A5                               INDICATOR,EPR

JS-221                   ACTUATOR

JV26                       ACTUATOR

K100-HKLX                          HORN

K-1248-6-1                          VALVE

KD-59-126                           ADAPTER. HF COM COAXCABL

KNPC25-04                          PUENTE RECTIF.

KP49BSFS428                     BEARING

KR50205CC-3-0092                           HOSE

KSP3L                    BEARING

L18551                  HEATHING ELEM

L18615-2                              LAMP

L20140                  OVERHEAT PIOT

LA-64                     LAMP

LL17500-54                          ACTUATOR

LL428310                              BEARING CUP

LM324                   C.I 4 AMP-OP  HORIZONT

M224712                              CUP BEARING

M25988-1-019                   O'RING

M25988-1-020                   O'RING

M81934-1-16A012                            BUSHING

M83248-1-154                   PACKING

M8791-1-116                      O'RING  BACK-UP

MA-1-40630-35                 LIGHT GUIDE CABLE

MA21259-5R                      TURNBUCKLE

MC1558G                            INTEG CIRCUIT

MEN-14A-1023F                               NOSE CAP ASSEMBLY

MI109                   SOPORTE MICROF.

MIL-T-27730-1-2                               ANTISEZE POLYTETRAFLUOR

MIL-W-4088 TYPE2                          STRIP

ML328                   LAMP

ML338                   LAMP

MR-1000                              PATIMETRO (TOOL AVI)

MS122201                           INSERT

MS122907                           CLAMP

MS122913                           CLAMP, LOOP

MS122923                           CLAMP, LOOP

MS14101-7P                       BEARING P S/ALG

MS14102-8                          BEARING

MS14103-5                          BEARING

MS14104-4                          BEARING

MS14104-7                          BEARING

MS14155-6                          WASHER

MS1633-5018-1                 RING RETAINER

MS16562-4                          ROLL PIN

MS16625-1354                   RING

MS16625-4037                   RING

MS172273                           WASHER

MS17413-128                     PACKING

MS20073-04-05                 BOLT

MS20253P2-215                                PIN

MS20253P2-300                                PIN HINGE

MS20364-624                     NUT

MS20392-2C33                  PIN

MS20392-2C7                     PIN

MS20664C-3                       TERMINAL

MS20668-4                          TERMINAL

MS20668-7                          TERMINAL

MS21047L08                       NUT SELF

MS21051L3                         NUT

MS21055L06                       ANCHOR NUT

MS21075L4N                      NUT

MS21209F1-15                   THREADED INSERT

MS21250-05056                                BOLT

MS21251B-3S                     TURNBUCKLES

MS21259-6RH                    TERMINAL

MS21260S3LH                    TERMINAL

MS21428-42                       BEARING

MS21902D3                        UNION

MS21902J6                          UNION

MS21903-6                          UNION

MS21903D3                        UNION

MS21904D3                        ELBOW

MS21905-10                       TEE

MS21905-4                          TEE

MS21905D5                        TEE

MS21907-4                          ELBOW

MS21907D4                        ELBOW 45

MS21907K8                         ELBOW-45 DEG

MS21908-10                       ELBOW

MS21908-5                          ELBOW

MS21908J4                          ELBOW

MS21908K4                         ELBOW-90 DEG

MS21909-6                          TEE

MS21909-8                          TEE

MS2191204                         TEE

MS21912-10                       TEE

MS21912-6                          TEE

MS21912-8                          TEE

MS21913-D5                       PLUG

MS21913-D6                       PLUG

MS21914K4                         CAP

MS21919DG66                   CLAMP

MS21919WDG5                 CLAMP

MS21921-04                       PLUG

MS21921-12                       PLUG

MS21921-5D                       NUT

MS21923-5                          ADAPTER

MS21923-6                          ADAPTER

MS21923-8                          ADAPTER

MS21924-10                       UNION

MS21924-20R                     UNION

MS21924-6                          UNION

MS21924-8                          UNION

MS21964-20                       CONECTOR

MS24367-683                     LAMP

MS24391-4L                        PLUG

MS24525-31                       SWITCH

MS24693C91                      SCREW

MS25171-4S                       NIPLE TERMINAL

MS25237-327                     LAMP

MS27641-4                          BEARING

MS28774-339                     O'RING

MS28775-016                     O'RING

MS28777-10                       PACKING

MS28777-4                          GASKET

MS28782-1                          RING BACK UP

MS28782-18                       O'RING

MS29513-222                     O'RING

MS29513-272                     PACKING

MS51923-423                     PIN SPRING

MS9021-227                       PACKING

MS9048-114                       PIN SPRING

MS9058-05                          RETAINER

MS9068-228                       PACKING-PREFORMED

MS9200-12                          NUT

MS9208-09                          BOLT

MS9217-06                          BOLT

MS9241-344                       PACKING

MS9314-04                          CAP

MS9387-04                          PACKING

MS9388-228                       PACKING

MS9391-07                          CLAMP

MS9575-09                          BOLT

MS9592-051                       BRACKET90DEGREE

MS9954-01                          PLUG

MS9954-05                          PLUG-CASE DRAIN

MS9954-08                          PLUG OVER FLOW

MS9966-01                          PACKING

MS9967-046                       PACKING

N100-105                             CAP PROTECTION

N90025102                          REGULADOR TEMP

NAS1027-N03                    FLANGE NUT

NAS1131-4                          SCREW

NAS1149F01032P                             WASHER

NAS1334A3S05D                               PIN QUICK

NAS1368N16B                   GROMMET

NAS1611-017                     PACKING

NAS1611-140                     PACKING

NAS1611-220                     PACKING

NAS1611-221                     PACKING

NAS1611-325                     PACKING

NAS1834-06-0250                             INSERT

NAS1922-0100-1                               CLAMP HOSE

NAS43DD4-71                    SPACER

NAS43DD5-14                    SPACER

NAS43DD5-28                    SPACER

NAS43DD6-44FC                               BUSHING

NAS43HT3-36                     BOLT

NAS514P1032-4                                SCREW

NAS537B12P90                  BUSHING

NAS559-2                            LOCK

NAS561C4-32                     PIN

NAS578-6B                          NUT  RETAINER

NAS6303U4                        BOLT

NAS649B16S                       TURNBUCKLE

NAS650L3LH                       TERMINAL

NAS650L5LH                       TERMINAL

NAS659-4-7                        ROD-END BEARING PLAIN

NAS6703011                       BOLT

NAS6706DU42                   BOLT

NAS679A04W                    NUT

NAS679A06W                    NUT

NAS679A3                           NUT

NAS679A4                           NUT

NAS72-7E007                     BUSHING

NCM-C7A                            LAMP

NE2J                      LAMP

NE51H (B2A)                      LAMP

NLE6221A                            KIT SALIDA

NSA3629-8-12                    TUBE

NSA5050-6C                       NUT

NSA5050C3                         NUT

NSA5059-5                          NUT

NSA5076-6                          COLLAR

NSA5084-4                          NUT

NSA5101C025                    SLEEVE-BEAR.RET

NSA5167-8                          NUT

NSA5369-616C                   WASHER

NSA55144-003                   WASHER

NSA5516C21NV                                CLAMP

NSA5516C51NV                                CLAMP

NSA5516CA18NV                             CLAMP

NSA5528-080                     CLAMP

NSA8132-04                        BEARING

NSA8140-04RF                   ROD END RH

NSA8207-8                          O'RING

NSA931500A0AD                              GUARD-SWITCH

NSA933239-2232                              LAMP

NSA933619-97                   CAP

NSA933619-99                   CAP

NSA936501TA2001                           TERMINAL STRATOTHERM TERM

NSA936501TA2005                           TERMINAL STRATOTHERM TERM

NSA936501TA2008                           TERMINAL STRATOTHERM TERM

NSA936501TA2010                           TERMINAL STRATOTHERM TERM

NSA936501TA2201                           TERMINAL STRATOTHERM TERM

NSA936501TA2203                           TERMINAL STRATOTHERM TERM

NSA936809RG0001                          SPLICE THERMOCOUPLES

NSA937905A06                  BLOCK-TERMINAL

NTA11353-3                        NUT

NTA11353-8                        NUT

NTA11354-04                     NUT

NTA11354-4D                     NUT

NTA11652-4                        RETAINER

NTA12252-4AD10                             RIVET

NTA13651-060406                            REDUCER-TEE

NTA13750-04                     UNION

NTA13750-06                     UNION

NTA13853-2                        SLEEVE

NTA13958                            RAIL

NTA14250-40                     BEARING ROLLER

NTA14451-09064P                            BUSHING

NTA14451-12-056                             BUSH

NTA14453-06P025                            BUSHING

NTA14453-06P042                            BUSH

NTA14453-07P040                            BUSH

NTA19250-02E7S110B                     SHIM TAPERED

NTA19251-20B077                            SHIM

NTA19251-57E085                            SHIM

NTA43364                            SEAL

P1153-2                                WEIGHT COUNTER

P16-717                                VALVE

P1801A                 HAND MICROPHONE

P43-228                                VALVE ASSY

P472                      ACTUATOR

P712654                               SPRING

P715450                               KEY

P8-02-0002-001                 SHIELD

PAN4264-22                       BONDING CLAMP

PRE124S                               RING,RETAINING RESTRICTOR

QD1011-138                        RING

RD-AM6733-23                  SEB TO DPCU CABLE, TRIPLE

RDAX6732-51                     PCU-PASSENGER CONTROL

RDAX6732-51                     PCU-PASSENGER CONTROL

REP4M6-5                           BEARING

RK23033A                            MODULO OIL

RT22CX102                          POTENCIOMETER

RV6NAYSD102A                                CONTROL

S0001002500000                               LINK

S-104                     BATERIAS CADMIO

S11065-14                            SCRAPPER

S1201001320450                               SLEEV

S13068-212                         O RING

S2158112620000                               RETAINER

S2521031220000                               PAD-RUBBER

S2521039020000                               PAD

S2521046320000                               COVER

S2521058220000                               BUSHING

S252107842000                  PIN SHEAR

S2521080620100                               HOOK

S2521107220200                               LINK UPPER

S2521107320000                               LINK LOWER

S2521150820151                               PIN-HINGE

S2521305820000                               WASHER

S2528918320600                               CLIP

S2541025420000                               COVER

S2551025520400                               SPACER

S2701002120200                               WASHER

S2711001320000                               FITTING

S2711007120000                               BUSHING

S27281163-212                  SCREW

S2728130321401                               FAIRLEAD

S2728177420400                               BUSHING

S2728182420400                               SPACER

S2728191820000                               COLLAR

S2728192620000                               SPRING

S2738115922400                               PLATE

S2738115925800                               HOLDER

S2821017820000                               BUSHING CENTERI

S2911002120000                               CLAMP BOCK

S2918056203400                               PIPE

S3021006800000                               PIPE

S3248000220201                               SPACER

S3258143120200                               PIN

S3258144021000                               JOINT

S32664-222-9                     SEAL

S3618021200000                               DETECTOR

S3618021200100                               DETECTOR

S3618027220000                               LUG

S4147                    UNION

S5217620020601                               HINGE FTG-7WD

S5217620120401                               HINGE FTA-AFT

S5217630300000                               RETAINER

S5217643000200                               BRACKET ASSY

S5217650020400                               LOCKING WASHER

S5217650820200                               PIN

S5217651421200                               FITTING

S5217651620000                               PIN

S5217660020000                               WASHER

S5217670001200                               CABLE

S5217672820200                               CLAMP

S5227760920200                               STOP STUD

S5237611420400                               BRAKET

S5237611420500                               INPPORT FITTING

S5237651320800                               NUT PLATE

S5247106120002                               LATCH

S5247740020601                               RETAINER

S5247740021001                               RETAINER SEAL

S5247740021200                               RETAINER SEAL

S5247740021400                               RETAINER SEAL

S5247768820200                               GUIDE ROLLER STOP

S5287130426001                               SEAL-RETAINER

S5287130433502                               SUPPORT  SEAL

S5287130433702                               SUPPORT  SEAL

S5287660123401                               WEAR PLATE

S5287660123801                               WEARE PLATE

S5307030400200                               PANEL

S5317152020200                               SHIM

S5317152320000                               SEAL-RETAINER

S5317152320200                               RETAINER

S5317152320400                               RETAINER

S5317152320600                               RETAINER

S5317200020800                               RETAINER

S5317200021000                               RETAINER

S5317200021200                               RETAINER

S5317217000200                               STOP ASSY DOOR

S5317217000300                               STOP

S5317400038201                               RETAINER

S5337121220000                               CLIP

S5337129522400                               SLEEVE

S5337150920200                               FITTING

S5338152623802                               PAD

S5338201220000                               SUPPORT

S5357800220000                               HOUSING

S5357800324000                               SHIM

S5357800324200                               SHIM

S5357800324400                               SHIM

S5357800324600                               SHIM

S5357800325600                               SHIM

S5357800325800                               SHIM

S5357800326000                               SHIM

S535R0087-201                  ANGLE

S535R0087-203                  SHIM

S5367124200001                               FITTIN ASSY HG

S5367139028402                               LOWER EXT

S5367139028802                               SUPPORT

S5391003422200                               PLATE

S5391004700200                               CLIP ASSY

S5391020020200                               PLATE BONDING

S5397133620901                               FITTING

S5411042320000                               SHIM RUBBER

S5411042320100                               SHIM RUBBER

S5411055000300                               ANGLE ASSY

S5411067420000                               RETAINER SEAL

S5411068820100                               SEAL

S5411069020000                               SEAL-RETAINER

S5411069020100                               SEAL-RETAINER

S5411069120000                               SEAL-RETAINER

S5411069120100                               RETAINER

S5421013820000                               REFLECTOR

S542102912000                  SHIM

S5431032200000                               ROD END

S5517121220001                               COVER

S5517210300000                               LENS COVER

S5527200520000                               BUSHING

S5527600000600                               BASE DICHARGER

S5527800020202                               STRAP

S5547101520400                               BOLT STOP

S5547800500801                               STRIP ASSY

S5547800521601                               SPLICE

S5547800521801                               SPLICE

S5617000120200                               CLIP WINDOW

S5617000120400                               CLIP WINDOW

S5701054320100                               PLUG BLANKING

S5711054220000                               STRIP

S5711058720000                               STRIP BONDING

S5711079020200                               PLATE BONDING

S5711079220000                               STRIP BONDING

S5721158520000                               GENERATOR VORTEX

S5721158620201                               GENERATOR VORT

S5741001020200                               INSERT

S5741001021100                               INSERT

S5741001021200                               INSERT

S5741001120000                               INDERT

S5741008420200                               SHIM RUBBER

S5741008520000                               SHIM RUBBER

S5741010020000                               STRIP BONDING

S5751006200202                               BRUSH ASSY

S5751006200502                               BRUSH ASSY

S5751007520000                               GUIDE

S5751007520100                               GUIDE

S5751013420000                               SHIM-RUBBER

S5751022500240                               BOX ASSY

S5751052222100                               BRUSH

S5751052222100                               BRUSH

S5751052222800                               BRUSH

S5751052223000                               BRUSH

S5751070020000                               PLATE-BONDING

S5751070220100                               RETAINER-SEAL

S5761009920000                               PLATE

S58170002-210                  HINGE

S65-8262-2A                       ANTENNA VHF

S66-13835-1                        RING PISTON

S69-18962-5                        SPRING

S752-220                              CABLE COMPLETE

S7611000920000                               SHIM

S7611002420000                               GUARD CABLE

S7611003620000                               BRACKET

S7618068920000                               PIN

S7618069020000                               SPACER

S7618084520000                               RETAINER

S8990-023                            PACKING

S8990-042                            PACKING

S8990-604                            PACKING

S9221022600000                               BRACKET ASSY

S9241032520000                               CLAMP BLOCK H

S9248250120400                               RAMP WIPER

S9248250120600                               RAMP

S9248324120400                               BUSHING

S9248600520000                               CLAMP BLOCK

S9413-600                            PACKING

SA1238                 GEAR ASSY

SA-1244                                GOT WHELL

SA1317                 GEAR

SA16-32A4                          BEARING

SAM10-1L                            LATCH

SAT006-21                           BABLE

SB3-070-003-01                 CLIP HEAD REST

SB3-070-004-21                 HANDLE UP,DOWN

SFS494639                           SCREW, M5, LENGHT 25 MM

SL2-2P                   NICO PLESS

SL2-4P                   NICOPRES

SL5400-1N                           HIDROLOCK

SL90-313-7500                   TOOL

SM4-6D9                              BEARING

ST1003-06                            WIRE

ST1003-07                            WIRE

ST1003-10                            WIRE

ST1141-52                            GASKET Z

ST3033-032                         STUD

ST3033-033                         STUD

ST670                    VOLTIMETRO

STD1031-4905                    RING

SW18                     RING STOP

SYL938-28V                         LAMP IND.

T61763944                           NUT ADAPTER

TF005-7061                         SCRAPER

U12                        CAP-PLUG

U21483901                          COUPLING RECET

U532423-1X                        OIL COOLER ELEMENT

VN936NP14C                     WASHER

VN936NP3                          WASHER

VN936NP7C                        WASHER

VST165-00-06                     GRILL

VTB02100                            BEARING

VX-00011-1                         LABEL-ESTA PUERTA HA ...

VX11-PL-019                       LABEL-CAUTION TAKE UP DEV

VX11-PL-020                       LABEL CAUTION CLOSE AND L

VX11-PL-021                       LABEL CAUTION ALL 6 LATCH

VX32-BP-001                      BRAKE PURGE TOOL

VX32-KT-001                      KIT, VALVES AND HOSER

VX32-SH-003                      SHIM

VX32-SH-005                      SHIM

VX53-TC-001                      CONTROLADOR

VX73-CI-001                       COVER, INLET SCREEN

WB11289-51                       FITTING

WCCWM-H3090-1-30                     MANDREL

WELDING-KIT                    WELDING KIT

WF150-1                              RE-OLING GUN

WK802681                           INDICATOR

WL-504-CUF-EA-2                            ALERT, ALTITUD

WWD62SS                           CLAMP

XRA4M7SK1                       ROD-END BEARING PLAIN

25910-8                                EJECTOR FUEL VALVE

472073-2                              ENGINE FIRE EXTINGUISHER

891311-14                            OXIGEN CILINDER AND VALVE ASSEMBLY

910-13E-2L          740321-110-0200              SEAT PAX LH

910-13E-2L          740321-110-0200              SEAT PAX LH

910-13E-2R          740320-110-0200              SEAT PAX RH

9700-A1A-YYON                                OXYGEN CYLINDER & VALVE ASSY

9700A1A-YYON                 PORTABLE OXIGEN

P01074-123                         LIFE VEST

P0723E105P                        LIFE VEST

301-1180                              EMERGENCY POWER SUPPLY

301-1180                              EMERGENCY POWER SUPPLY

301-1180                              EMERGENCY POWER SUPPLY

301-1180                              EMERGENCY POWER SUPPLY

301-1180                              EMERGENCY POWER SUPPLY

301-1180                              EMERGENCY POWER SUPPLY

301-1180                              EMERGENCY POWER SUPPLY

301-1180                              EMERGENCY POWER SUPPLY

08125-20629                       CONE BEARING

08231-20629                       CUP NOSE WHEEL

09168P33                             MICROPHONE

12147AGKX759                  SWITCH

143084-4                              SEAL

15347                    BASE MONT RETAINER

15401    E0284-01              TRAILING RETEINERS (4 HOLE)

16305                    NULL FIELD TRAILING DISCHARGE

16920    E0285-02             DISCHARGER (LARGE)

16930    E0825-01             DISCHARGER (SHORT)

174097-85                            OXYGEN MASK ASSY

18417G02                            CUSHION INTERPHONE

1864       GE1864                 LAMP

2203423-1                            GASKET CONDENSER

2203423-1                            GASKET CONDENSER

29100A2140054K /           WL10933              LAMP ML1936

29210A2140055X                              LAMP

3010880                                GASKET

3022375                                SEAL

3022383                                SEAL PACKAGE ASSY

3022871                                SPACER FLAT

3031272                                GASKET IGNITER

3034248                                GASKET

3035729                3035728                FILTER ELEMENT FUEL

3044590-01                         PARTS KIT-FUEL MAIN PKG & QSKTS

3044777-01                         TUBE TRANSFER FUEL MANIFOLD

3044778-01                         TUB TRANSFER, FUEL MANIFOLD

3058293-01                         IMMERSION THERMOCOUPLES

3059777-01         3038454                FILTER ELEMENT, FUEL HEATER

3067556                                LAMP HALOGENE 85W 28V

3101254-01                         GASKET

3101255-01                         GASKET

3102268-01                         GASKET

3103636-01                         GASKET METAL,6-HOLE

3106571-01                         GASKET TUBE FITTING

3113507-01                         PLATE BOTTON SEALING THERMOCOUPLER

3113508-01                         PLATE TOP SEALING THERMO COUPLE

3114349-01                         CARRIER OIL  SEAL

3114350-01                         CARRIER OIL SEAL

3116686-01                         GASKET

313                         LAMP

31880                    ELECTRICAL TERMINAL 1/4

3935                       ORING JOINT

3936                       ORINGJOINT

400-3                     BUGS

41152-13                              SPRING

41173-2                                FLAP

42FLW624                            NUT

46030-146-60C7                8573-556              PACKING

4K98W99-035                     CHAINETTE MONTEE (CABLE)

5007221                                PRESSURE RELEASE

5012834                                KEY DISK DRIVE WHEEL

51173-2                                FLAP

548712                  GUIDE AND SPRING-BRUSH BL

725825  3035729                FILTER ELEMENT FUEL HEATER

738466-6              738466-6WE       BRUSH ELECTRIC CONTACT

741-105                                LAMP HOLDER

741-302A                             SCREW M3X10  MM/90 INOX

7448                       SCOTH BRITE 3M GRIS

765484-5                              LEAD-HEATER BLADE

765484-6                              LEAD HEATER BLADE

779247-10                            PACKING RUBBER

782297-5                              STRIP

782307-1                              SEPARATOR

782652-2                              SEAL, BLADE

784776-1                              NUT, DOUBLE HEXAGON

794339-5                              SPACER, RING

802263-1                              SEAL

826448-1                              FLANGE NUTPLATE,SELF LOCKING SE

8300-900                              DESICANT

93258-5-27                          BOLT

93272-532                            NUT

9522557                                PACKING

9524796                                PACKING

9536196                                PACKING

ABS0114V3-1                     BOLT HEX HEAD

AE472001             472001  CARTRIDGE FIRE EXTINGISHER

AN3H5A                               BOLT

AN525-1032R12                                SCREW

AN525-10R10                     SCREW

AN6289-5                            FITTING NUT

AN815-6J                             UNION

AN929-6J                             FITTING CAP ASSY

AN960JD10L                       FLAT WASHER

AS116-06-0125                  HOSE ASSEMBLY

AS3208-04                           PACKING

AS3208-05                           PACKING

AS3209-012                         PACKING

AS3209-013          M83248-1-013  ORING

AS3209-014         M83248-1-014   O´RING

AS3209-020                         PACKING

AS3209-029                         PACKING

AS3209-042                         PACKING

AS3209-048          M83248-1-048  PACKING BULK HEAD

AS3209-113                         PACKING

AS3209-114                         PACKING

AS3209-118                         PACKING

AS3209-121                         PACKING PREFORMED

AS3209-127                         PACKING

AS3209-133                         PACKING

AS3209-139                         PACKING

AS3209-142                         PACKING

AS3209-144         M83248-1-144   PACKING

AS3209-152         AS3085-152         PACKING

AS3209-153         M83248-1-153   PACKING

AS3209-214         M83248-1-214  PACKING

AS3217-145                         RING RETAINER

AS3217-154                         RING RETAINER

AS43003-906                      PACKING

ASNA0082A204                 BLIND BOLT, STAINLESS

ASNA2001V3-3                  SCREW

ASNA2001V4-11                               SCREW

ASNA2001V4-6                  SCREW

ASNA2085-10                     BEARING

ASNA2138-175                  GASKET

ASNA2138-200                  GASKET

ASNA2138-250                  GASKET

ASNA2138-300 2873-300              GASKET

ASNA2139-0010                801A51-0010A   GASKET NIKEL

ASNA2139-0012                                GASKET

ASNA2141-40-07                              O'RING

ASNA3704-16D                  RING

BACB28AK06-032             NTA14451-06-032             BUSHING

BACB28AK06-035             NTA14451-06-035             BUSHING

BACB28AT06B025C          NTA14452-06A025           BUSHING

BACB30FQ6-4                    HI-LOCK

BACB30FQ6-5                    HI-LOCK

BACB30NW6K7                 HI-LOCK BOLT

BACB30VF3K10                 BOLT SCREW

BACB30VF3K4                    BOLT

BACB30VF3K7                    BOLT SCREW

BACB30VF3K8                    BOLT CREW

BACB30VF3K9                    SCREW

BACN10KE3B2    NTA11452-3B2  NUT / FLANCHE

BACN10KE3B3CD                              FLANGE NUT

BACN10YF42CD                 NUT FLANGE


CH34817                               IGNITER ASSEMBLY

CR3213-4-03                       RIVET CHERRY

CR3213-6-4                         CHERRY LOCK RIVET

CR3243-5-03                       CHERRY LOCK RIVET

CR3243-5-04                       CHERRY LOCK RIVET

CR3243-6-06                       RIVET CHERRY

CR3552-4-6                         RIVET

DDT1P1291         P1291DDT1         HAND MICROPHONE

E0089-10-80        NSA936011-10-80             LEAD BONDING

E0217XXU006A ASNE0217XXU006A         RELAY

E0242A28A0       ASNE0242A28A0               RELAY

E0276BP3FP062                 SWITCH PUSH BUTTOM

E0278-39                              LIGHT INDICATOR ENGINE

E0278-47                              LIGHT INDICATOR AAIR

E0334-01              AST422F               LAMP

E0335-01              BVO3300-04-50 SOCKET FLUORESCENTE TUBE

E0355-01                              LAMP

E0381-01                              CONTROL KNOB WITHOUT FLAT

E0388-01                              TUBE, FLUORESCENT

E0388-02                              LAMP / FLUORESCENT

E0401-06              OL6314 LAMP

E0403-01               OL632BPE           LAMP

E0404-01                              LAMP

E0404-02               OL6839BPE         LAMP

E0434-01                              LAMP

EN3155-008M2222                           MALE ELECTRICAL CONTACT

EN3155-016M2018                           MALE ELECTRICAL CONTACT PINS

EN3646A61419BN                            CONNECTOR ELECTRICAL CIRCULAR

F900                       TORQUE SEAL

GE387                   LAMP

GE4626                 LAMP

H5000-3-102-125              NTA12950-09M LATCH

H795-1 NSA5322-1          GOOSENECK HINGE ASSY

HL111V6-5                           HI LOCK PIN

HL63PB6-5                           HI-LOCK

HL70-6                  COLLAR

HL79-6                  COLLAR

J1100204                              O´RING

L0180-098                            MO-LITH No2 LUBRICANT

L45410                   L45410-20629    BEARING TAPERED ROLLER BRGS (CUP)

L45449-20629                     NOSE WHEEL CONE

L812111-20629                   BEARING

LA3038450           3038450                SEAL PUMP HYD

M25988-1-020                   PACKING

M25988-1-027                   PACKING

M25988-1-112                   PACKING

M25988-1-135                   PACKING

M25988-1-212                   PACKING

M25988-1-912                   PACKING

M25988-4-113   NSA8203-113     O´RING

M25988-4-132   NSA8203-132     PACKING

M25988-4-164   NSA8203-164     O´RING

M25988-4-210   NSA8203-210     PACKING

M25988-4-904   NSA8200-4          PACKING

M83248-1-009   AS3209-009         O´RING

M83248-1-012                   PACKING

M83248-1-015   AS3209-015         PACKING

M83248-1-016    AS3209-016 / AS568-016               O´RING

M83248-1-117   AS3085-117         PACKING

M83248-1-133                   PACKING

M83248-1-135                   PACKING

M83248-1-157   AS3209-157         PACKING

M83248-1-158                   ORING

MIL-S-8660                         ELECTRICAL INSULATING COMPOUND

MM4001-3-1                      CLIP NUT

MS14144L8                         NUT

MS14145L12                       NUT, SELF LOCK CASTLE

MS14155-5                          WASHER

MS14155-6                          WASHER, RECESSED MLG

MS16562-1                          PIN

MS20002C5                         WASHER

MS20253P2-275                                PIN HINGE

MS20392-2C29                  PIN

MS20426AD3-10                               RIVET

MS20426AD3-5                 RIVET SOLID

MS20426AD4-5                 RIVET SOLID

MS20426AD5-8                 RIVET

MS20470AD5-10                               RIVET

MS20470AD5-8                 RIVET

MS20470AD6-10                               RIVET

MS20813-1                          VALVE CAP

MS21042-3                          NUT

MS21042-5                          NUT

MS21042L08                       NUT

MS21042L3         NAS679A3W       NUT BACN10JC-3

MS21043-06                       NUT

MS21043-3                          NUT

MS21047L08                       NUT / FLANGE

MS21059L3                         NUT PLATE

MS21061L3                         NUT / FLANGE

MS21083C3                         NUT

MS21083N3                        NUT

MS21250-06016                                BOLT

MS21250-06038                                MAIN WHEEL BOLT

MS21250-07022                                BOLT

MS21250-07024                                BOLT 12 POINT

MS21908D5                        ELBOW BULKHEAD 90 DEG

MS24665-1012                   COTTER PIN

MS24665-1013                   COTTER PIN

MS24665-132                     COTTER PIN

MS28773-04       MS28773-4          ORING-RETAINER

MS28774-028                     SEAL (TEFLON)

MS28775-011                     PACKING

MS28775-239                     PACKING

MS28777-5                          WASHER FLAT ACFT HYDRA

MS28889-2                          VALVE

MS29513-156                     PACKING

MS9058-06                          ORING

MS9207-09                          SCREW MACHINE

MS9549-09                          WASHER

MS9696-08                          BOLT

MS9966-04                          PACKING

MS9967-004                       PACKING

MS9967-016                       PACKING

MS9967-046                       PACKING

MS9967-116                       PACKING

MS9967-128                       PACKING

MS9967-135                       PACKING

MS9967-212                       PACKING

NAS1096-3-9                      SCREW

NAS1097AD3-6                  RIVET

NAS1097AD4-8                  RIVET

NAS1097AD5-7                  RIVET SOLID

NAS1097AD5-8                  RIVET

NAS1097AD6-10                               RIVET

NAS1097AD6-6                  RIVET

NAS1097AD6-7                  RIVET

NAS1097AD6-8                  RIVET

NAS1100-3-10                    SCREW

NAS1101-06-7                    SCREW

NAS1102-06-8                    SCREW

NAS1102-08-10                 SCREW

NAS1102-08-8                    SCREW

NAS1102-3-10                    SCREW

NAS1102-3-12                    SCREW

NAS1102-3-20                    SCREW

NAS1102-3-8                      SCREW

NAS1102-4-22                    SCREW

NAS1102E3-14                   SCREW

NAS1134V8                         SCREW

NAS1149C0332R                               WASHER

NAS1149F0332P                AN960-10L          WASHER

NAS1152-2                          SCREW

NAS1153E14P                    SCREW WINDSHIELD

NAS1153E19P                    SCREW

NAS1153E4P                       SCREW

NAS1153V4A                      SCREW

NAS1153V6A                      SCREW MACHINE

NAS1154-10                        SCREW

NAS1154E7P                       SCREW

NAS1169C10                       WASHER

NAS1169C416L                  CONE WASHER

NAS1611-008A                  PACKING

NAS1611-011                     PACKING

NAS1611-015A                  PACKING

NAS1611-018A                  PACKING

NAS1611-024A                  O´RING

NAS1611-028A                  PACKING

NAS1611-221                     PACKING

NAS1612-4                          PACKING

NAS1612-5                          ORING

NAS1612-6          NTA15250-6        PACKING HYD

NAS1671-08L5                   FASTENER, BLIND

NAS1726-3E                        NUT SELF-LOCKING

NAS1726-5E                        NUT ALERON

NAS1726C4E                       NUT SELF LOKING

NAS1791A3-4                     NUT, SELF LOCKING

NAS1921M0405                                RIVET BLIND

NAS1921M0406                                RIVET BLIND

NAS1921M04S03W                          BLIND RIVET

NAS1922-0225-1               10A265-225-1B  CLAMP BAHIA PACK LH, HOSE

NAS5604-14                        SCREW

NAS6403-6                          BOLT TITANIUM

NAS6703HU2                     BOLT, HEXAG.

NAS6704U11                      BOLT HEX HEAD

NSA360068-8613              S5391000721400 ,  S5391000721200          SEAL FAIRING (KIT) NSA360068-8613 ( 2 UNITS)

NSA5057-7                          NUT ALLOY STEEL

NSA5059-3                          NUT, LOW STEEL CASTELLATED

NSA5059-4                          NUT LOESTEEL CASTILLED

NSA5306-7                          WASHER ASSY

NSA5373A7                         NUT

NSA5378A7-28                  BOLT

NSA5378A7-30                  BOLT (SREW)

NSA55132-117                   STUD ALLOY STEEL

NSA55137-006                   STUD

NSA55147-102                   LOCKRING

NSA55182-0A                     GROMMET

NSA55186-002                   FLOATING RECEPTACLE (FLANGE)

NSA8200-16                        O´RING

NSA8203-216                     O´RING

NSA931132-11   D1-6-3   FUSE

NSA933201-01   OL3112 / CM3112             LAMP

NSA933237-01                   LAMP

NSA933238-02   OL6839 LAMP

NSA934122-01                   COVER

NSA935401-03                   CABLE TIE

NSA937901E2                     PLATE (MODULE INDENTIFICATION PEI) # 2

NSA938152SA1601                           CONTACTOR SOCKET

NSA938152SA2000                           SOCKET PIN 

NTA11153-6K6                   HI-LOCK

NTA11162V3-16K                             TITANIUM CARGO FLOOR SCREW

NTA13853-1                        SLEEVE

NTA14452S06A019                           BUSHING

NTA19251-20D077                           SHIM

OL718BPA                           LAMP

P1291DDT1                         HAND MICROPHONE

P602116                               CLAMP

P602117                               CLAMP

PM-7                     RADOME BOOT

Q4681                   LAMP

RG30                     GROMMET


S2431004020000                               SEAL

S2511004820000                               WASHER

S2738115922400                               PLATE

S3418000520200                               GASKET

S3609000320000                               GASKET SEAL

S5237600220600                               WASHER

S5237600621800                               WASHER SPECIAL

S5241000320000                               SEAL

S5241000820000B00                        SEAL

S5241001420000                               SEAL

S5317222224000                               INTERCOSTAL

S5391006020295                               SCREW

S5397143100000                               HINGE ASSY

S9110124000195                               BUNDLE KIT

ST1140-13                            GASKET

ST3030-08                            NUT THERMOCOUPLE

ST3077-08                            NUT

ST3086-013         ST3086-013S       O´RING

ST3091-016                         ORING

ST3114-11                            RESISTOR-LUG MOUNTED THERMOCOUPLE T6 56 ohs

ST3367-009          ST3367-009WE  PACKING

ST3367-010                         ORING

ST3367-010WE                   PACKING

ST3403-15                            BOLT

T-1514                   SCREW MAIN WHEEL

TF20                       INSERT TYE 5117AM5-500

5530                       DRAIN PUMP

20500                    SHUTTOFF VALVE

20500                    SHUT OFF VALVE

910502                  FUEL FLOW METER

910502                  FUEL FLOW METTER

1741125                                SEAL KIT

3033492                                FUEL NOZZLE            

3273086                                FILTER ASSY

6826835                                GEAR SPUR POWER TRAIN IDLER

6854857                                GEAR SHAFT ASSY SPURIP/TRAIN T

6886446                                SUPORT SHAFT –TORQUEMETER

6890917                                NOZZLE ASSY-FUEL SPRAY

6896437                                GEARSHAFT SPUR FUEL CONTROL

7583740                                FILTER

7583740                                FILTER ELEMENT

10513282                             CONTROL ROD

10513282                             CONTROL ROD

10582131                             L-PIECE

10590872                             INDICATOR OIL TEMP

10590873                             INDICATOR OIL PRESS

10590948                             INDICATOR N1

10598359                             ELG RANGE TANK

23007189                             NOZZLE ASSY 3RD STAGE TURBINE

630526009                           SHIM

630526009                           SHIM

639031002                           LOOKING PLATE

639031002                           LOCKING PLATE

3031836060                         CAP

3089946352                         TEMP. WARNING

4619302030                         TRUSH PLATE

4619302030                         THRUST PLATE

4619302031                         WASHER

4619302031                         WASHER

4619302044                         NUT

4619304003                         LOOKING PLATE

4619304003                         LOCKING PLATE

4619306009                         SCREW

4619306009                         SCREW

4619307024                         BEARING

4638302015                         SEALING RING

4649208020                         OIL SIGHT GLASS

101-610019-5                                     TORQUE ELEVATOR TUBE LH (KING AIR)

101-610019-6                                     TORQUE  ELEVATOR TUBE RH (KING AIR)

102A100                               AMPEREMETER

10-381550-4                        IGNITER  BOX

105.46611.22                      SPACER

105-0003                              POWER SUPPLY

105-09125.02                      BUSHING

105-13101.18                      BUSHING

105-131035                         LEVER ASSY

105-13104.17                      WASHER

105-13141                            LINK

105-13141                            LINK ASSY

105-13141.17                      WASHER

105-13141W5                                     STAKING TOOL

105-13142                            LINK

105-13142                            LINK ASSY

105-13201.07                      BUSHING

105-13221.01                      FORK LINK

105-13221.01                      FORK LINK

105-13221.02                      BUSHING

105-13221.07                      BUSHING

105-13241.01                      BELLCRANK ASSY

105-13241.01                      BELLCRANK

105-15103                            TRIMTAB TOOL

105-15853-08                     BUSHING

105-20151.05                      SPRING

105-20301.89                      SPRING

105-20401.02                      BUSHING

105-20421                            GEAR FITTING

105-21551                            SPOILER

105-21801.15                      BEARING SUPPORT

105-23301.12                      PIN

105-30316.02                      BEARING LAGER

105-30651-001                   FITTING HOLES

105-31821                            LINK

105-4001W1                       KIT SPECIAL TOOL

105-40121.06                      WASHER

105-41111.05                      BUSHING

105-41111.06                      WASHER

105-42019.01                      BELLCRANK

105-42122                            BELCRANK ASSY

105-42122                            BELL CRANK ASSY

105-43010.02                      BRACKET

105-43010.02                      BRAKET

105-43019.01                      BELLCRANK

105-43019.01                      BELLCRANK

105-43020                            BELLCRANK

105-43020                            BELL CRANK

105-43082                            CONTROL ROD

105-44001.08                      SHEET

105-45351.13                      SCREW

105-45530.02                      BUSHING

105-46611.11                      BOLT

105-46611.21                      SPACER

105-46711-04                     BUSHING

105-60121.05                      UNION

105-60121.08                      UNION

105-60121.09                      UNION

105-60586                            ANGLE ASSY

105-60592-01                     LEVER ASSY

105-60606                            TELEFLEX TUBE

105-60612                            TELEFLEX TUBE

105-60901.18                      RING

105-60901.18                      RING

105-61352                            PIPE LINE

105-61831.01                      COVER PLATE

105-61832.01                      COVER PLATE ASSY

105-61834                            COVER

105-61834                            SUPPORT

105-61921                            OIL RESERVOIR

105-61921                            OIL RESERVOIR WELDED

105-62712                            BEARING SUPPORT

105-73501                            CABING VENT SYSTEM

105-73501                            CABIN VENT SISTEM

105-80052-73                     COVER

105-80322.21                      ANGLE

105-80332.10                      PACKING

105-80603                            BOOT

105-80607                            COVER

105-81721                            HOSE ASSY

105-82121                            CAP

105-82121                            CAP

105-82131                            L- PIECE

105-87727                            SUPPORT

105-87727                            SUPPORT

105-90843                            DIODE PLATE

105-90843                            DIODE

105-90847                            DIODE PLATE

105-90847                            PLATO DE DIODOS

105-90871                            FUEL PRESS IND

105-90871                            FUEL PRESS

105-90872                            OIL TRIPLE

105-90873                            TRIPLE INDICATOR

105-90873                            TRIP OIL PRESS IND

105-90947                            TOT INDICATOR

105-90947                            INDICADOR TOT

105-90948                            INDICATOR N1

105-90950                            INDICATOR TORQUE

105-90950                            INDICATOR TORQUE

105-93910                            SWITCH

105-98359                            INDICATOR

1121-31712.10                   BOLT

1121-94400                         WIRING ARNESS

1121-94400                         ARNESS

115-14101.80                      WASHER

117-31715.01                      WEIGHT

117-31715.01                                      WEIGHT TOOL

13-4616P                              BUSHING

13625-1                                SOLENOID

14519-1                                RELEASE CABLE

150-0003                              POWER SUPPLY

150-003                                FLASHER

19261-1A                             FUSE

19261-6.3A                          FUSE

1X56 122 271                      SPECIAL TOOL

1X56.122-271                                     PUILER   (TOOL)  

1X56.137-035                                     OIL DRAM HOSE  (TOOL)

204-030-853-125                               DOOR ASSY

204-030-947-003                               TUBE ASSY

206-011-812-005                               TRUNNION  ASSY

206-062-724-007                               ACTUATOR

206-064-111-1                                    TRUNNION

206-076-036-001                               RELIEF VALVE

206-706-127-103                               KIT DOUBLE COMMAND

22558-112                            O'RING

22559-112                            BACKUP RING

22559-12                              BACKUP RING

22559-15                              BACKUP RING

22559-18                              BACKUP RING

22K102                  NUT

2420C1                  CONTROL UNIT

2440C1                  CONTROL UNIT

2520M                  RELAY

2520M                  RELAY DE ARRANQUE

2533                       ADAPTER STOWAGE  (TOOL)

2586                       PLATE  STOWAGE  (TOOL

28S7-3                   STUD

2939                       POST  STOWAGE  (TOOL)

3152                       BASE  STOWAGE  (TOOL)

3161-102                              CACE KIT BALANCE  (TOOL)

319980-6-1                                          VALVE SOLENOIDE

3378                       ADAPTER STOWAGE  (TOOL)

3380                       ADAPTER STOWAGE (TOOL)

41-0650-28V3W                                LAMP

412-070-570-102                               CUCHION ASSY

4511853.100.0-01                             LOCK

454C01                  DRAIN VALVE

454C01                  DRAIN VALVE

454C01                  DRAIN VALVE

51565-000R                         DC VOLTAGE REGULATOR

51565-000R                         DC VOLT REGULATOR

5401-4                   MASTER  REPOIR  KIT (TOOL)

55 30                      OIL DRAIN

6607P8-24A                        PRESSURE SWITCH

8500-19                                CAP

8500-275                              GASKET

8525-10R18B32SN                            CONNECTOR

8525-16R 18B32PN                           PLUG

9032-1022                            FUEL QUANTITY IND

9032-1022                            FUEL QUANTITY

A218-101117-00                                SWITCH

A6213                    FILTER

A700AP                                REVERSE RELAY

A700AP                                RELAY

ABYT6V2002       ABYT6V-2002     BEARING

AE705827-10                      HOSE ASSY

AE705827-2                         HOSE ASSY

AFG011868                         SHOULDER BELT

AHA1121MOD1-2-3-4                     BRAKE HEAD ASSY

AHA1121MOD1-2-3-4                     BRAKE HEAD ASSY

AJ3-25                   STUD

AV16B1159B                       VALVE SHUT  OFF

AY35ZZ                 BEARING

B3550-11-305                     DOME LIGHT

B-3550-11-305                   GRIMES

B75A                      OIL DRAIN PLUG

BE412                    VOLTEMETER

BE412                    VOLTEMMETER

BSE-206-30 G                                     TRANSMITER  FUEL

C-146898-1A                       FILTER

D105-300-0.10                   BEARNG

D107318-14                         ROTOR

D107318-21                         KIT

D107400.0.5                        BRUSH

D107610                               ACTUATOR

D107610                               ACTUATOR

D133-741.15-1E                 SPACER

DIN7603A1XX20AL                           SEALING RING

DIN9088FKM595                               SEAL

DIN912M5X12-AB2C                       SCREW

DK 040                  TRANSMITTER

DK040                   TRANSMITTER

DL412-39                              INDICATOR N1

DR25-1.4                              HOSE ASSY

EE4-2053                              SLIDE BLOCK

F1304AGM4.2                    PLUG

FU1540-80                           FUSE

GH5                       LUG

H5000-2-072-188                              LOCKING

HP300-1                               PUMP

HP33-1                  PUMP

KES0S900121                      FLOAT SWITCH

KES5900121                        FLOAT SWITCH

LE67-102                              NUT

LE67-102                              NUT

LN29522-6X505                 BOLT

LN29522S06022                 BOLT

LN9023A6-1.4544.9                          LOCKWASHER

LN903710040                      BOLT

LN9038-06042                    BOLT

LN9038-06048                    BOLT

LN9082-8X32S                    BOLT

LN9085.0916L                     WASHER

LN9089-20E1                      BEARING

LN9089-30E1                      BEARING 

LN9138-2410B                    RIVET

LN9179.2408                       RIVET

LN9189-4012B                    RIVET

LN9332-313-22V                               LAMP

LN9345-12X1.5                  NUT

LN9348-12                           NUT

LN9355-6X24                      BOLT

LN9428-10                           BREAKER

M300-1264                          RELAY

M400-1264                          RELAY

M8805/111-04                   SWITCH

MIK6-1-7PH109                 PLUG

MS20601MP4W2                              RIVET

MS21919WDG7                 CLAMP

MS24172D1                        RELAY

MS24172D1                        RELAY

MS25083-2BD10                               JUMPERBONDING

MS3456L8S1S                     CONNECTOR PLUG

PC06E8-2SSR                      PLUG

PCS06E8-2S                         CONNECTOR

PT08SE10-6S                       PLUG

R13310                  SEALING RING

R-513-116                            RETAINING RING

RA13012                               BANJO FITTING

RA13012                               FITTING

RA13112                               BANJO CONNECTION

RSGU1100.6-9                   CLAMP

SL40557NM6                      NUT

U10.7X16X1.5-83FKM575                              SEALING RING

VT 108                   FUEL LOW

VT044                    FUEL QUANTITY TRAS

VT108                    TRANSMITTER

VT108                    LOW LEVEL TRASMITTER

XW21749-1                         WIPER ARM

2526                       TWA/TIMER

8000                       IND AIRSPEED

10360                    BLOWER

16440                    ANTENA

25867                    HEAT

25886                    COOLING

30433                    PISTON LANDING GEAR

50192                    BOEING CSTG/ CONTROL DE GUAYA

67881                    INDUCIDO TACH

103158                  DC MOTOR VICKERS

108420                  REGULATOR PRESS DIFF

522026  75021-85              FUEL METER

695043                  CYLINDER UPLOCK NLG

2231964                                STEERING RELIEVE VALVE

2523631                                BELL OWS ASSY

2539508                                FILTER

2539508                                FILTER A

3015828                                VALVE

3015863                                CARRIER

3015863                                CARRIER

3021379                                DUCT

3025609                                CHIP DETECTOR

3033315                                FILTRO

3041153                                KIT HIS

6805748                                GASKET

6890595                                RING RETAINIG

6890917                                INJECTOR

7500291                (76149K)              filter

7513983                30014361             FILTER

7579077                                FILTER

23001750                             OVERSPEED CONTROL  BOX

23001819                             NOZZLE ASSY OIL P

23007164                             BRAKETS PC FILTER

23054605                             GASKET BLEED CONTROL

30111102                             FIRE EXTINGUISHER

30111102                             FIRE EXTINGUISHER

30179757                             FUEL NOZZLE

43323590                             MANIFOLD VALVE ASSY

68591831                             GASKET

86170210                             VALVE TEMP

01-0770062-03                   POWER SUPPLY

064-1003-00        KTR 900                TRANSCEIRVER

066-4005-05        KCU-565A            DIGITAL CONTROL UNIT

071-1074-00        KDA-696               BATTERY PACKED

071-4037-01        KA-33    BLOWER COOLING

073-06200                            PRESSURE PLATE ASSY

074-04700                            BACK PLATE ASSY

100 AMP.                             FUSIBLES LIMITADORES

101-524033                         TRIM  TAB  ACTUATOR

101-782-80-06    162B40  IND OIL TEMP

101-782-80-14    152B214A            IND ITT

10491-00EG                        OVEN  CONTROLLER

108004-185-185                 REGULATOR AIR PRESURE

1-080-275-02                      SPACER SEAL

109478-6-1                          VALVE LOAD CONTROL

1-100-034-01                      NUT

1-100-361-06F                    BLADES / UNITS

1-100-384-04                      BLADES SET

1112-548887                       VALVE CK HYD

111790-4/7500792                            FILTER 

1-140-182-01                      COVER EXHA

1-300-243-01      A53F      CHIP DETECTOR

13083-5                                CHIP DET CARTRIDGE

132845  695916  SHUT OFF  VALVE  HYD

1523-422-1                          AIR CONDITION MOTOR

1533-00-1            7190-3   VALVE BEED

156265-7-2                          VALVE TEMP CONTROL

1766103-01                         FILTROS

1783867-11         SE-111   AMPLIFIER SERVO

1C651-2                                YAW DAMPER

20-057-5-19D                     BOLTS

20-057-8-90D                     BOLTS

204-001-357-001                               LEVER  ASSEMBLY

204-011-102-017                               JOKEY

204-011-121-005                               GRYPS

204-011-400-129/11                        PLATO MANGA

204-011-401-11 204-011-401-011               SCISSORS & LIFT

204-011-430-103               204-011-430-001               BEARING

204-011-450-007                               MASTIL ASSY

204-012-101-141                               HUT ASSY

204-040-341-001                               TUBE OIL D

204-040-760-005                               FUEL FILTER ASSY

204-075-325-045                               PANEL IND. ASSY

205-040-004-103                               MAIN SHAFT

205-040-242-1                    BEARING

205-040-263-101                               QUILL ASSEMBLY

205-060-101-001                               ROD END

205-076-135-007                               RESERVOIR

205-947-019-                      RPM LIMIT WARNING DET

206-002-703-006                               PEDAL ASSY                  

206-011-147-7                    STRAP

206-063-633-1                    IND FUEL QTY

206-063-640-109                               ACTUADOR VALVE

206-064-635-103                               TRANSMITER SWITCH

206-076-450-103                               TUBE   ASSY

209-030-357-1    209-030-357-001               LINK ASSY

21-026-35                            BUSHING

210614                  GOVERNOR

212-076-005-007                               SERVO HDY

22392-16-1                          CONTROL DE GUAYA Y RESORTE

23066671             7593181-104       FILTER ASSY

23076-008                            GENERADORES